Celebrating who you are

When was the last time you truly were grateful for who you are?

Your gifts and uniqueness, your achievements, struggles, and the lessons you’ve learned from the life you’ve lived… It has all shaped who you are in this moment.

To be truly successful in life (and anything else), you need to be able to see the bigger picture.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, the house you live in, or your relationship status. What matters is that you know you are good, and worthy, and loveable.

There will be ups and downs, successes and failures, disappointments and celebrations.  Your mindset must be such that you believe in yourself, your choices and abilities, and the path you are on.

You must love yourself through it all, not because of what happens or what you achieve but rather because of the journey you are on.  Simply because you are who you are.

Do you feel that truth, ?

Yesterday was my birthday.  Each year I feel myself letting go more deeply of the way others think I should live and who they believe I should be. Instead, I’m allowing myself to be led by the inner authority of my highest Self so I can honor my innate callings and embrace who I truly am.

It feels good to release the limitations and expectations and celebrate who you are.

Maybe you’re like me and you’re starting to realize just how precious life is and how life goes by so quickly. You realize there is no time to waste and it’s up to you to create a life that inspires you.

You sense the calling from your heart is getting louder and won’t stop until it is fulfilled, and you’re ready to honor it (and yourself) more than ever before.

Let me give you the gift of deeper clarity and understanding of what’s been getting in the way and offer you a roadmap to live a soul-led life.

Everything in your life has deep meaning and purpose, especially you at the center of it all.

Make no mistake, there is a reason you are here in this life.

There is a reason you have been born into the life and circumstances you’ve experienced, and your outlook on life is unique to you.  It is all there to help you rise into your full potential.

The time for playing small, second-guessing yourself, and prioritizing everything (and everyone) else is over. Now is the time to step into your greatness and align with your destiny.

If you struggle with self-love and appreciation, you just need to adjust your subconscious programming so that you connect with your authentic Self so you can remember…

Remember you are more than your physical body, beyond your circumstances and situations in life.
Remember you are a spiritual being who incarnated on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose.
Remember you are not a victim of circumstance but a powerful creator in your life.

You can fall in love with yourself.

You can believe that you are a beautiful soul worthy of the best life has to offer.

You can strengthen your belief in yourself and overcome the obstacles holding you back.

You can trust that there is more waiting for you than you can imagine can be yours.

Right now there are others who look at you and are inspired. They see you and wish they had the qualities you might take for granted.

But sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

You get caught up in what’s wrong, where you’re stuck, or are so busy trying to do it all that you overlook yourself and what’s possible, and just how far you’ve come.

The blueprint to your full potential, your life’s work, and your meaningful impact is already within you.

In order to tap into it, you need to really own who you are. Believe in your magnificence. Not in a snotty, egotistical way but in a way that shows you embrace and embody the meaning of your life.

I’m grateful for you and who you are.

Become willing to lean more deeply into what makes you special and give yourself permission to become the person you feel inspired to become.

Set down what’s no longer serving you so you can be free to receive so much more.

Loving yourself just a little bit more opens the door to experiencing so much more joyous life, love, and impact.

So here’s to you and who you are becoming.

Lots of love,

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