Law of Attraction & Clothing

We know that words have power, and the energy expressed will attract the same in kind.  Your personal growth and development can be energized by focusing your awareness on your innate power and abilities to magnetize your desires.  You can change your life by joyfully focusing on your goals desires through positive affirmations, simple but powerful words that help you create the life you want.

Remind yourself of the beauty within and around you always.  It helps to remember what your soul already knows.  As you replenish your inner self with a sense of peace, instinctively you know that you will make a positive impact upon every single person with whom you encounter.

Is it possible that something so simple can become a constant reminder of what you are claiming for yourself and your life?  I think so.  Join me in discovering the internal bliss that comes with matching your thoughts with your spirit and resonating with good vibrations.












It is my intention to uplift and serve. I choose to become a powerful, positive, and active force in the world.  I hope you do too.

If you’re serious about wanting to feel good and discover inner peace, give yourself permission to energize your personal growth and development by focusing your awareness on your innate power and abilities to magnetize your desires…

Let the magic unfold and move yourself to greater wellness!  You’ll feel so grateful you did!  You will not only feel better, but those around you just might as well!

As you know, words have energy.  My affirmation clothing is designed to uplift and inspire you and those you encounter throughout the day.  May you walk as a powerful creator in your world.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL = Small fits sizes 0-4, form fitting; Medium fits sizes 4-8, form fitting; Large fits sizes 8-12, ladies cut basic tee; X-Large fits sizes 12-16, ladies cut basic tee.  *Note: As these are close out sales, returns or exchanges are not accepted.  Thank you!

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