Finding magic in the mess

Life gets messy.

When your relationship falls apart, you lose the job, have a health scare, are burning the candle at both ends…

Your best laid plans can be strewn aside in the blink of an eye as the unexpected (or unwanted) happens. Despite all your success and your best efforts, you find yourself wondering how you got to this ‘place’ when you’ve tried to do everything right.

You feel it deep within your soul when you’re off-track or spinning your wheels going nowhere fast.

You feel out of alignment with your authenticity, your purpose, and most certainly, your potential.

Yet if you look for it, you’ll find the magic in the mess.

So often what we’re unable to see, because we’re too close to our own situation, is that within the mess there are subtle opportunities for growth and expansion. For a greater understanding of yourself and the life you feel called to live.  

When it feels like life has fallen apart or you’re stuck living the same pattern over and over, pay attention.

Notice what’s coming up within you – the thoughts and beliefs that are recurring. Give yourself permission to reevaluate, to shed the old, and make space for the new. In the messiness of these moments, you will discover your deepest reservoirs of strength and resilience.  You’ll discover what is most important and meaningful to you.

Open yourself to allowing something bigger and better to enter into your experience.

Divine redirection is the Universe’s way of guiding you onto a more profound and authentic path.  Be on the lookout for the breakdown before your breakthrough.

Doors will close, opportunities you thought were a sure thing will fall apart, things that once worked will no longer work the same…

I would rather choose to believe we live in a world where Source is working on my behalf, for my best interest, rather than conspiring against me, wouldn’t you agree?

The frustrations, disappointments, and all the unexpected messes are designed to help lead you to the same beautiful place… back home to yourself.

The sooner you recognize them for what they are, the easier it will be for you to return to Self and let your soul guide you to the next step.

Stay alert so you can recognize the signs.

But even if you miss them, or it takes longer than you’d like to find your way, you’ll still get there in the end. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer to get there, especially when you’re doing it on your own.

My invitation for you is to consider this: Rather than seeking a beacon of hope, a glimmer of light amidst the mess, choose instead to shine the light on the gift that has been given to you within it.

Your focus and awareness changes everything (there’s science behind this).

When you allow yourself to step into your power, you’ll naturally shift toward the things that need your energy and attention. Despite the outer disorder you may be experiencing, your actions will come from a deep place of certainty and centeredness that trust in yourself and the perfection of Life unfolding for your highest growth and impact.

That’s where you’ll find the magic.

Shine the light brightly, my friend!

Lots of love,

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