In our fast-paced world, women are juggling family, career, education, and the home.  It seems as though there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do. 

But there is a way to manage it all.

Free yourself from any bondage or limitations that may be holding you from reaching your greatest fulfillment.  Take back control of your life, and learn to claim what it is that you are seeking.

The time is NOW for you to step into the woman you are destined to become! 

Find your inner strength and reclaim your power… Set yourself free!

This two-session hypnotic guided meditation program will remind you that you must give yourself permission to take time for yourself… to recharge and energize yourself… to find your center and become more calm and centered.

* Pot of Gold 

Your inner wise mind brought you to the place where you are at this very moment.  But within you also lies the seeds of all your goals, wishes, and dreams.  A life of happiness and prosperity if that is what you choose.  Take this journey to
find within yourself those things you may have forgotten you carry
with you always, and allow yourself to find your own pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.

* I am Beautiful (Direct Suggestion)  

You are worthy and deserving of time and attention as well as love.  This session will reinforce the beauty, wisdom, and strength that lies within you.

Hypnotic Guided Meditations for a Woman’s Heart

This is a two-track program.

Only $9.95


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Shift from Chaos to Calm

Learn to find your peaceful center within.

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Success, Soul & Authentic Living:

Discover your path to break through your plateau & embrace soul-led success.

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Tune into your innermost Self and

create the life you desire!

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Transform your limiting beliefs into

empowering aligned beliefs that

support your growth.

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Discover the strategy to create business longevity, reach your financial milestones, and have a meaningful personal life.

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