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Experience a more joyful life filled with purpose, passion, and peace with these 100 Affirmations

Krysti Turznik, Author and Motivational Speaker

Immediately get started creating space in your life and eliminate stress with 7 easy steps to a lifestyle by YOUR own design AND how to implement them!

Jennifer Flynn, The Balance Maven

5 Musts for a Promotional Speaking Engagement

Galit Ventura-Rozen, Women Empowerment and Business Mentor

20 amazing recipes for your mind, body & spirit made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils!

Jennifer Albrent, Silver Leader in Young Living

100 Affirmations to help you experience a more joyful life filled with purpose, passion, and peace

Krysti Turznik

Special Thanks to the following people who have contributed in many other ways:

Jennfier Buchholz, Life Coach

Julianne Hitchcraft, Thai Yoga Coach

Katherina Kolmodin

Stacy Quast

Kat Morrow


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