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I’m going to show you how.

In One Thing. Everything. I lay out an inspirational path to using a spouse’s addiction as a catalyst to deeper self-love and purpose.

This book is a journey of remembering where your power lies, finding purpose in your pain, and deeper understanding of who you truly are.  You’ll discover meaning in the midst of addiction. You’ll accept that life flows into unexpected places that can guide you back to a more authentic truth and connection to your inner Self.  Regardless of the outcome of your partner’s addiction or recovery, you’ll find hope and inspiration for a brighter future.

One Thing. Everything. is a guide to reclaiming your life.  

In these pages you’ll learn how to:


Prioritize your own well-being

Take back control of your life

Remember your worth

Love yourself more deeply

Find the courage to choose yourself

Accepting that you matter will change everything.  You’ll trust that you have the answers within yourself and feel safe enough to choose how to best move forward with confidence and strength.  You’ll experience a fuller truth of who you are, uncover deeper meaning and purpose in your life, and pave the way forward with new clarity and direction.

You’ll intuitively know that from One Thing can come Everything.

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Pain into Purpose WORKSHOP

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Discover the #1 reason you’re not happy (and how to fix it).

Learn how to overcome your subconscious limiting belief so you can stop repeating negative patterns and start creating a life that feels good.

Get my step-by-step methods to prepare you for the book.

Leave with healing practices you can use right away.

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How do I find my order/receipt number?

When you preorder the book via your online retailer of choice, they will send you an order confirmation email.  You will find your order/receipt number in this email.

What if I want to order the book from an online retailer not on your list?

Purchases from all book retailers are eligible for the free gift. If you purchase from a retailer not on our list, you can still claim the gift using the order/receipt number in the purchase confirmation email they send to you.

What if I buy the book in person at a bookstore instead of online?

You can still claim your free gift! If you purchase from a bookstore, you can still claim the free gift using your receipt number.  If you have ay questions, email us at support@powerful-mind.com and we’ll get you registered. 

Praise for Krysti’s previous book

This book is truly amazing!!

This was one of the most inspirational and inspiring books I have ever read! It has opened my eyes to so many different possibilities with my own mindset! This book is truly amazing!!

Amanda Kalkhoff

Truly inspiring magic! One of the most life-changing books I've ever read.

This book has had a profoundly positive effect on me. I was unable to put it down. It helped me change / shed the negative and limiting perceptions I had about my current situations, and choose to be happy. Through the book mindset shift, I was able to choose to see the positive possibilities and all the ways I could broaden my horizons, and live my dream. I was even able to see the baby steps I could take this very minute to move toward my dreams and goals. I’m so grateful to Krysti for this magical book!!!

Michelle Zancanaro

Everyone Needs to Read This Book and Put it into Practice

WOW! Just wow. This book just has me floored. Incredible insights. Powerful exercises to practice. I have always loved Krysti’s hypnosis work. She’s helped me to create such profound shifts in my life. As I explore her writing, it just really brings home all of the personal process and I can feel my soul expand as I read through it. Thank you Krysti, for lighting the path for all of us! Your book should be on a suggested reading list for everyone who wants to make a change in their life, which is basically EVERYONE!

Deborah Lighthart


Powerful, transformational & true! I couldn’t stop reading…I felt as if it were written just for me. Loved loved loved it…I know some people who will be receiving this book as a gift!



This is a Game-Changer!

This book really made the connection for me! Powerfull! Such insight connecting science and spirit with practical applications are beautifully woven together in this book to awaken and transform the lives of any who are on the journey of living a fulfilling life! This book truly is the magic wand for unlocking the mystery of our minds. Thank you!!!!!


A powerful and fascinating read!

Mindset Magic is a literal road map to transforming your life. If you’ve ever asked “why me,” you’ll find the answers here. Fasten your seat belt – this one is life changing!


I highly recommend it for your personal growth and self-development library!

In this insightful book, Krysti Turznik takes us on a journey within ourselves, exploring our physical as well as our etheric bodies, and showing us alternatives to living a more joyful and fulfilling life. 

Dr. Ginny A. Baro

Magic indeed!

Well written and important at a time when many on the planet are spiritually ascending! This book will make a beautiful addition to the library of anyone who is personally and spiritually growth-minded!



I've risen to the top and decided to be happy, complete and provide myself with insights

This book has changed my life.
While going through a tumultuous life change-divorce, selling my business, reassessing my future, I mindfully plowed through this book and it gave me hope and a view for the future. Instead of living in Debbie Downer’s shadow, I’ve risen to the top and decided to be happy, complete and provide myself with insights that I never knew I had.
if you are seeking spiritual advice, or a place to park during a transition, this is the place to get your head “in the right place.”
Thank you for writing this book Krysti. Words can’t express my gratitude.

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PART I – SELF-BETRAYAL: His One Thing Became Our Everything.  

PART II – SELF-ATTACK: His One Thing Threatened Everything.

PART III – SELF-COMPASSION: His One Thing Was In Everything, But It Was Not Everything.

PART IV – SELF-FOCUS: I Wouldn’t Let His One Thing Destroy Everything.

PART V – SELF-CARE: I Cared About His One Thing As Well As Everything.

PART VI – SELF-DISCOVERY: Despite His One Thing I Remembered Everything.

PART VII – SELF-AWARENESS: There Was More Than One Thing; There Was Everything.

PART VIII – MY SELF: Tapping Into The One Thing That Connected Everything.

About Krysti

With over 20 years in the personal growth industry, Krysti helps individuals discover purpose, meaning, and fulfillment after a significant life-altering event so they can feel greater love and joy as they return to Self and make a bigger difference in the world.

Through her work, she teaches them how to leverage the scientific and spiritual principles that respond to their mindset, overcome self-sabotage, and harness their innate power so they can create a life they don’t need to escape from.

Her #1 best-selling book, Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life, has been endorsed by Michael Bernard Beckwith.

She holds a Master Degree in Metaphysics, Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, is an ordained minister, certified consulting hypnotist, and a Ho’oponopono practitioner.


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