Are you tired of thinking “Someday” my life will be different?

What if Someday was today?



You’ve been living in survival mode and it’s taken its toll.  Existing, but not really living.

You’re finally ready to reclaim your life and start living again. 





  Become your own steady source of inner peace, joy, and contentment 

  Get clear on what you want and create an action plan to achieve it

  Strengthen your confidence to step out of your comfort zone

  Reclaim ownership of your life

  Say “YES” to living your life on purpose with passion

This is all possible, closer, and easier

than you think with 

Someday Starts Today

One payment of only $397

2 payments of $198.50


  • Start living for yourself again without fear

  • Discover the courage and confidence to take action on what is important to you

  • Cultivate a deeper level of self-awareness and living your purpose


Today is the day!


How would it feel to no longer need to bury your head in the sand? 

To be able to speak with your partner, your ex, your children, without it turning into another soul-sucking argument. 

It’s time to hold your boundaries and to speak your truth and what is right for you and your loved ones.  

Even if things in your life dip, with what you learn in Someday Starts Today, you’ll have all the tools you need to ride the wave.


Imagine being able to fully trust yourself and your intuition.  Make choices based upon faith not fear.  

Connect with who you really are so that at the end of your life you’ll die with no regrets. 

Be proud of the life you live.  Let’s do something about it.


Are you ready to make the shift from victim to victor?

Break the pattern. 

End generational beliefs that keep you stuck so you can make more powerful choices.  You’ll be a better, happier role model for your kids.

Gain the life skills to embrace your history and use it as fuel for a better today. 


Look at yourself in the mirror and believe in your ability to overcome whatever life throws at you so that when something unexpected and unplanned happens in the future you can navigate it from that inner place of power.

The deep life-altering choices and events in life come at a high emotional cost, but it can come from an inner place of strength.

Are you ready to reclaim that strength and use it for your own rising?


Aren’t you tired of letting your dreams drift away?

You’re meant to impact the world in ways you cannot even imagine. 

Honor who you are and all your experiences so that you longer numbly go through the motions each day but allow them to be filled with deep meaning and impact.

Are you willing to be courageous and share the unique Divinity that you are?

You have two choices:

You can wait for “Someday…” to start living your life. 

You can wait for that perfect time that will never come.  You’ve been putting things off until the project is finished, until the kids are grown, until your husband gets his mess together… In the meantime, you’re waiting and life is passing you by.  


Given the best tools and support, you can start today.  If you’re ready for your “Someday” to start today, then start here. 



Are you ready to feel like you’re on solid ground and can take it all in stride, no matter what happens in your life?

Then Join Now!

Your “Someday…” Can Start Today!

This IS for you if:

  • You’re ready for greater personal responsibility and empowerment so that you can choose what’s right for you with the confidence to make your dreams happen
  • You’re ready to become more aligned with your deepest Self so that your life can have more authentic meaning
  • You want to return to that inner sense of lightness and joy so that you wake up each morning eager to start the day
  • You need help establishing healthy boundaries so you feel your life is in your control
  • You believe it’s healthy and safe to have your personal desires again met so your life is more fulfilled

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are in need of the support of a therapist or drug counselor
  • You are looking for a support group
  • You want to rehash your experience and stay stuck in victim mode

This has been one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made! Thank you so much for everything! You have been so caring and supportive, and the insights gained… have been instrumental in my healing and growth.

Michelle G

I knew I wanted to make some changes in my life. I also knew I was standing in my own way. Working with Krysti helped me identify and overcome hurdles I knew I couldn’t navigate on my own. I can honestly say that I now know what true transformation feels like – and it’s a beautiful thing. Thank you, Krysti!

Jennifer M.

Hi, I’m Krysti Turznik

I lost myself during my husband’s drug addiction.  I know what it feels like to want to protect and fix that other person while feeling the weight of carrying the whole family on your shoulders.

It’s isolating.

It can feel as if there is no support and you are in this alone, just trying to make it from one day to the next without you or the pieces of your life falling apart. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s addiction, narcissism, abuse, a divorce, or a major life event; There’s a huge disconnect from what you want and what you’re living.

Yet, I’ve learned that through struggle you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  You can discover your inner resilience and your authentic desires. 

I created this program especially for you.  Let me guide you out of isolation and confusion, and into a deeper space of peace regardless of what’s taking place around you.

I’ve been a certified consulting hypnotist, spiritual life coach, author, and motivational speaker for 19 years and use the powerful tools to create significant and lasting changes. 

My #1 best-selling book, Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life, has been endorsed by Michael Bernard Beckwith. 

I hold a Master Degree in Metaphysics, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology and Metaphysics, and am an ordained minister. 

Through personal and professional experience, I know what it takes to shift from pain into power.  You are in good hands. 

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

  • Five (5) training modules:
    • Module 1: Diving Deep into Who You Are
    • Module 2: Flowing into Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance
    • Module 3: Challenging the Tide of Your Beliefs
    • Module 4: Charting the Waters of Your Destiny
    • Module 5: The Confidence to Set Sail
  • Five (5) live Q&A calls for personalized feedback.
  • An understanding supportive group to keep you accountable and hold the space for you to become your best self.
  • Lifetime access to a group of like-minded people via a virtual online forum.
  • Fun and practical resources to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • Hypnotic meditations and visualizations to support your personal growth and transformation.
  • Affirmations to help you stay on track and keep focus.
  • Journal prompts to guide you in your deep soulful work.
  • There will also be special BONUS OPPORTUNITIES to win prizes simply for taking action.  You’ll have a chance to work more 1:1 with me, win a free copy of my #1 best-selling book Mindset Magic, receive special goodies, and
  • Many other FUN surprises

I’ve limited the program to a small group so you get the power of the group dynamics yet the intimacy of 1:1 coaching. 

 You’ll get 5 beautiful group healing sessions with me, deep hypnotic meditations, affirmations, journaling prompts, and powerful self-development strategies plus permission to move through these steps and create a life you don’t need to escape from,  plus the blueprint on how make it happen,  plus the love and support of the community.

Your soul is asking you to step into your truth. 

It’s time and you’re ready.


This one session did more than a year in psychotherapy… it was amazing!

Harry K

Hey, I’m Krysti and I help people like you create a life you don’t need to escape from so every day can feel like a day at the beach

I’m going to help you step more fully into your truth so you can show up as the powerful creator you truly are and live with more meaning and value.

I’m guessing you may be asking yourself if it’s really possible to feel on track with what you want, live on purpose and in the flow of your soul’s desires, and know with absolute certainty there is meaning behind it all? 

Absolutely!  It’s more than possible… it’s within your reach right now!

But in order to do just that, you have to step out of your comfort zone.  

I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing.  I knew in order to be happy and successful, I had to stop hiding, stop pretending, and step into my light.  I had to learn to love all parts of myself and honor the whispers of my soul.  I had to start saying “YES!” to myself, my dreams, and my desires.

By making myself a priority and validating my own importance, I have been able to feel worthy of goodness, to feel a deep sense of peace and tranquility, to be able to confidently stand in my body and know in this moment I am perfect and lovable just the way I am.I have learned every moment, every experience, every encounter is filled with a spiritual lesson that helps me to remember who I am even more, and I know full well that I am supported and loved throughout it all.  Most of all, I have learned there is nobody else exactly like me and the world needs me to be who I am.

Just like it needs you.

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