The biggest problem with being authentic

It’s what most of us strive for.

Being authentic.

Behaving in a way that directly reflects the essence of who you are at the deepest level. Allowing yourself to be seen exactly as you are. Embodying your truth.

Yet it’s a struggle for the majority of us.

To be authentic means you have to heave off all the garbage you’ve collected over the years that has dulled your light and made you question yourself.

There comes a time where there is no other alternative… you have to face your shadows in order to set yourself free.

It requires you to do the inner work to heal your wounds and allow yourself to shine.

You’ll develop courage and confidence and cultivate a deep understanding of who you are that will allow you to take off the masks you’ve been hiding behind.

Playing in the shallows won’t work.

You’re not made for splashing around, pretending you’re not interested the callings of your soul or the vastness of what might be possible for you if you only believed in yourself.

The deep is where you’ll find your solace and sanctuary.

You need to go all in when your goal is to become the fullest expression of who you are meant to be.

In order to heal your heart and break the cycle.
In order to stop your wishful thinking and make your deepest desires a reality.
In order to give your children the life you dream for them.
In order to fulfill your life’s purpose.

The outer actions need to be combined with the inner work.  It’s not just one or the other.

But when you’re buried under all that other stuff that keeps you down – the beliefs of not being good enough, smart enough, worthy enough… – it can be tricky to find your way out and return to Self.

This is where shifting your subconscious core thoughts and beliefs about yourself comes in.

Transforming your programming at that deep level allows you to see yourself for you who really are (and love and appreciate yourself, too).  You naturally begin to show up differently in your life and you definitely won’t have to rely upon will power to make things happen.

And because you are in a higher vibration of self-acceptance and positive expectation, your experiences in your outer world begin to shift as well.

You begin to experience more optimism, enthusiasm, passion, and freedom.

Opportunities begin to come to you without effort.

Your relationships transform into deeper and more meaningful connections.

Your work becomes more impactful and fulfilling as it honors the calling of your heart.

Your health improves as your stress and tension drastically reduce and you are filled with joy and happiness.

The abundance and prosperity you experience also shift, providing numerous pathways for even more gratitude.

The biggest problem you’ll encounter on the journey to your authentic Self, is the decision to make it a priority.

The mind of your ego will try to resist the need to take the plunge, offering vast reasons and excuses why it can’t be done or now is not the time.

But it can, and the time is now.

Everything your heart desires is possible for you once you decide that you’re worth it.

I know you are.

And I think you know it, too.

Dive deep and claim the love and freedom that awaits.

Lots of love,

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