The confidence to make a change

by | Sep 25, 2023

When you’ve hit a plateau, it feels like the record keeps skipping.

It’s the same thing over, and over, and over again. You get so used to it that you start to tune it out and become numb to how it’s not moving forward.  Never allowing progress, never allowing completion.

As it goes around, you might forget about it momentarily until it happens again. Maybe you hope things will be different, somehow sorting themselves out if you give it enough time.  Maybe you avoid or distract yourself enough so that you feel like you’re getting somewhere.

But it’s really just an illusion.

Before long, you’ll encounter the same conversations, arguments, and relationship issues that you’ve always had. You’ll be stuck with the same amount of happiness (and frustration) yet feel the longing for deeper, more meaningful connections.

Before long, the strategies you rely on to navigate challenges or uncertainty, or to take you to the next level, keep leading you back to the same place. You might move forward beyond where you were, but soon enough you notice the familiar patterns start to appear.

Before long, the same upper limits of success, joy, and fulfillment you’re willing to experience will present themselves until you can find a way to move beyond the subconscious constraints holding you back.

We must be willing to do something different if we want to achieve different results.

Often that starts with finding the confidence to make a change.

When you transform your inner limiting beliefs into empowering subconscious programming that supports your desires, it propels you to your next level.  Your health, relationships, and career take on new and deeper meaning as your success is aligned with greater purpose.

You tap into more of who you truly are, and discover more of your inner authenticity.  You connect with the part of you that understands what makes you unique and special so that you can share yourself and your gifts with the ones you love and the passions that are close to your heart.

And when you get clear on exactly who you are and what you are inspired by, life begins to flow with more ease and grace. You no longer battle with yourself because you’re aligned with your highest Self.

It’s from that deep place within where you are led by the inner authority of your soul.  From that place within where your thoughts and actions are filled with peace and confidence, you know and trust you are in the right place at the right time, and that everything is unfolding as it should.

Your first step is to remember the truth of who you are and why you matter.

Connecting with even the smallest portion of your innate worth will give you the confidence to claim something more for yourself.

The success, connection, intimate relationships, and meaningful work you long for are waiting for you to believe in yourself just a little bit more.

And in doing so, you shape the world around you for the better.

I’m rooting for you to take that next step.

Lots of love,

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