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IT’S POSSIBLE to stop feeling mentally drained, physically exhausted, and spiritually depleted.

✔  Shift into a deeper place of connection with who you’re meant to be so you can put more meaning back into your life.

✔  Identify the key areas you’re off-track and transform them so you feel more joy and fulfillment.

✔   Experience greater inner peace as you trust yourself and the wisdom within to align with your purpose and honor the life you’re meant to live.

✔   and Much More!

Helping professional women (and heart-centered men) since 2000…

You’re an overwhelmed and over-stressed busy professional.

That means you’re doing it all at home and work, stuck in the grind and feeling burnt out.

What you really need is to reconnect to the things that matter most to you, align with your purpose, and trust yourself enough to honor the life you’re meant to live.

That requires a shift in your mindset.

Shift from TIRED into INSPIRED

In order for this to happen, some things need to change.

And the change needs to start with YOU and move outward – not just mentally, but spiritually.

This shift requires a change in the way you think about yourself, your purpose, and how you want to show up in life.

Life is more than stress, overwhelm, and endless responsibilities without deep meaning behind it all.


Hi, I’m Krysti

I’ve been a high-performance coach, hypnotist, author, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker for over 20 years and use the powerful tools to create significant and lasting changes.

My #1 best-selling book, Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life, has been endorsed by Michael Bernard Beckwith.

I hold a Master Degree in Metaphysics, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology, am an ordained minister, a certified consulting hypnotist, and a Ho’oponopono practitioner.

© 2021 Powerful Mind Wellness, Krysti Turznik

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