What if you DON’T do something?

Life seems to slip by so quickly the older I get.  Maybe it’s the same for you, too?

I often don’t realize it until I look at my daughter and notice how much she’s grown (where did my little girl go?).  Or I notice there are only 8 weeks left until the end of the year (seriously).

We often get caught up in the daily tasks, our comfort zone, and waiting for “someday…” to make things happen.

We delay making changes until the time is right, we feel better, have more money, when there’s less risk, less fear, more clarity, and have more courage.

And so we do nothing that’s really meaningful to our soul.

In the meantime, we carry on settling or sacrificing because we know how to navigate our life right now. So even though you’re stuck or not moving forward with the things that are important to you, you convince yourself that there will be enough time to focus on your passions or your purpose in life.

Just not right now.

All the while, though, there’s that deeper part of you that keeps whispering there’s more for you.

The question that we need to be asking ourselves is, “What will happen if I DON’T do something?” 

If you don’t make that change, take that step, follow the longing in your heart, what are you preventing from taking place by not taking action?  What will you miss out on?

Your dreams are waiting.  The things that inspire you and fill you with joy don’t need to be pushed to the sidelines. They’re way too important.

Your spiritual purpose and the impact you can create in the world are going unfulfilled the longer you hold yourself back. The world needs exactly who you are and what you are meant to bring into this world. You’re too important to keep to yourself.

Crucial conversations and actions are left undone and incomplete. Your calling is going unanswered. Your fullest potential is diminished.

Yet you can take that leap of faith and DO something.

When you dare to DO something differently, to let your “someday…” start today, your life can transform beyond measure.

When I first met Greg, he was a thriving, successful high-level executive but his personal life was quite rocky.  Despite his success, his confidence floundered outside the work environment, and he didn’t have a sense of who he was outside of all his accomplishments. 

Greg was astonished by the transformation he experienced in just a few short weeks of working together

If Greg hadn’t done something to make a change, chances are his marriage wouldn’t have healed, he’d enjoy life less, and he would have missed out on professional opportunities that were unexpectedly offered to him. 

If you’re ready to do something to change your life for the better, too, CLICK HERE and we’ll identify your next best steps to creating a life you love that speaks to your heart and soul.

Because here’s the thing… you might avoid discomfort or failure if you don’t move forward with the calling in your heart or the vision in your mind. BUT, you’ll miss out on the bliss and fulfillment that will flow to you when you do.

Life goes by in an instant.

For me, I’d rather risk taking a chance to either succeed or learn something about myself instead of doing nothing and wondering what might have happened if I’d only believed in myself a little more deeply.  

I want you to be able to look back upon your life with no regrets, knowing you took action and followed your heart.

This is your opportunity to reflect upon what you’ve been delaying or avoiding or not making time for. Give yourself permission to DO something that will move your life forward in such a way that your soul lights up and you feel truly alive and connected to who you are and the life you wish to live. 

Lots of love,

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