You’re a person looking for meaning and value in your life.

 You believe you have more power than the power you claim.

 You are certain the Universe is working with you and for you.

 You desire key techniques to unlock your potential and experience your possibilities.

 You are yearning to embrace your authentic self and let yourself inspire others.

 You believe that your spirituality is important to honor.

 You know science and spirituality both play a role in achieving your best life possible.

 You know you are here for a purpose and you’re ready to live that purpose.

Sonya Williams 

The 3 C’s of Living an Inspired Life – Clarity, Commitment and Connection

Description of Topic:  What do you do when you realize you are not living your best, inspired life? Let’s explore how Clarity about what you desire to create, Commitment to taking action, and Connection with others play key roles to creating and living your authentic, inspired life.


Diane Lang

Cultivating Happiness to Live Your Best Life

What are the myths of happiness?  Can we be happy – is it in our control?  What changes can we make in our life to be happier and healthier?  Learn new ways of thinking and behaving that will make your life happier like expressing gratitude, setting life goals, random acts of kindness, etc.

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Sarah Wall 

Tuning into the Wisdom of Your Body to Live a Joyful Life

Description of Topic:  Today’s fast-paced world has many people struggling to keep up with the demands of work, family and social obligations. This can leave you feeling tired and stressed at the end of each day. Constant exposure to stress can affect your mental health and may manifest into physical dis-ease.  You have the power to create your own day-to-day experience because your thoughts create your reality. Learn how to tap into your intuition and listen to the cues from your body, empowering you to create a joyful life.


Divya Parekh 

One Secret to Success

Description of Topic – Your WHY is the Answer! Why “Your Why” is important. What role does it play in our personal and professional lives?  Learn how YOUR WHY will fire you up to live your life with inspiration!

Free Gift: A Step by Step Guide for Motivated Leaders, Achievers, and Entrepreneurs to Help You Jumpstart your Joy, Step into Your Success, Sustain Your Success, and Boost Your Income


Drew Stevens 

Speeding Through the Darkness – Accelerating Growth During Times of Stagnation or Trouble

Description of Topic:  Self -esteem, debt, relationships create depression and make us all feel shame. When the trouble continues we feel caved in with no answers in sight. We feel beaten, challenged and more important defeated.  Yet, there is hope. We are not meant to live in defeat. We are not meant to live with broken hearts. What needs to change is the focus and the self-talk in our minds. 

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Tami Jaffe

Becoming an Inspired Leader

Description of Topic:  There is a leader in all of us, but it is not always easy to be an inspired leader.  Start by being inspired by what you do, and it will bring out the best leader in you.  Learn the keys to becoming an inspired leader and how that will drive you to success.

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Janet Lamb 

Living in the Light

Description of Topic:  Learn a tool in life that can be a catalyst in illuminating your sparkle, that creates clarity, purpose and passion and life transforming experiences of ever lasting happiness.  This truly will help you live an inspired life that speaks to your soul.

Website  Email: jnbluv4u@charter.net; Phone: 775-250-5042

Rochelle Melander

Write Now! Live Better: Writing to Transform Your Life

Description of Topic:  Journaling improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity, supports you in achieving your goals, and increases your longevity. Author and coach Rochelle Melander can teach you easy, life-transforming exercises that will help you access memories, improve wellness, and explore your creativity.

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Katherine Dean


Description of Topic:   Learn the steps & tools to ignite the Wealth Creator inside of you to have an incredible relationship with money while building a financial legacy aligned with your vision and values.

Free Gift:  Wealth-to-Freedom Roadmap: 7 Simple Steps to Eliminate Debt, Activate Savings & Achieve Financial Independence!


Charlotte Howard 

How to Create a Beautiful, Sexy, and Confident New You

Description of Topic:  For Women struggling with self esteem and self confidence, this is huge. You simply can’t succeed in your life and business if you don’t have these two essential qualities. You must build a strong foundation to create a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Free Gift:  Create a Beautiful, Sexy and Confident New You Action Plan Workbook with 60 Minute Video Group Coaching Session $297 Value


Ronnie Roll 

Finding Meaning and Purpose at Work

Description of Topic:  “Finding Meaning and Purpose at Work” helps entrepreneurs, managers, and employees find joy and contentment in the work they do, the people they work with, and the path they’ve chosen. Learn how to recognize what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, how to feed it, find it, express it and draw it out in others.

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Heleniq Argyrou 

The 5 Things Women need to Move Mountains

Description of Topic:  In our epic times, the feminine power begins to rise like never before, though myths and deception of our value embedded still in our societies and social/economic systems, still distort our deep unconscious minds. Pushing out toxic criticising self talk, alpha female based suffering, disillusionment in relationships with men and even sometimes health and hormone struggles cripple our efforts to succeed and triumph in a world that still requires us to work twice as hard and earn between 17-60% less than our male friends. We must work hard yes to heal this personal wounding as women and as people, reclaim our lost legacy as powerful creatures and learn to access our unique power and spiritual greatness within this thick and murky paradox. And then… “When sleeping women wake, mountains will move” (Chinese proverb).


Kalyani & Darsana Roldan 

Money or Meaning: Over 7 Billion Paths to Modern Spiritual Vitality

Description of Topic:  Regardless of the level of success we achieve, and all the resources at our fingertips… Why do we find ourselves in a deep personal search to find that missing something? Explore with us, as we clear the misconceptions of the past that no longer support the Consciousness of humanity, and learn that by accessing higher levels of intelligence we bridge the gap between our desire to continue experiencing greater success while satisfying our longing to be spiritually fulfilled, how we are defining modern spiritual vitality.

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