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Discover the transformative guidance of Krysti Turznik, a best-selling author, mystic, hypnotist, and dedicated life coach. With years of experience in spiritual mentoring, Krysti empowers individuals to achieve personal growth and lasting change.

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Let me deliver an Oracle Card Reading to give you guidance and inspiration.


When you're looking for a sign, guidance, or direction...

Clarity and insight are always available to you, and your soul is always whispering to you. But sometimes you want that guidance to come through in a way you can more easily understand.

Krysti offers a limited number of card readings each month to help gain insight into your situation, facilitate deep personal growth, and embrace your true potential.

Oracle cards serve as a mirror to your soul, reflecting your current state and revealing potential futures based on your present course.

Through the unique power of oracle cards, Krysti helps you to shine a light on your path, navigate life’s complexities with greater clarity and confidence, and receive guidance and inspiration from your higher Self.

Unlock the Power of a Personalized Card Reading

Personalized oracle card readings can offer inspiration and guidance by tapping into your personal energy and providing tailored insights that help foster personal  and spiritual growth.

Inspiration Through Intuitive Guidance

Each card in a personalized reading is selected with your unique life journey in mind, offering reflections and perspectives that inspire and motivate you to embrace your full potential.

Guidance for Personal Transformation

Tuning into the higher consciousness within you, oracle cards are a divine tool that encourages you to question, to explore, and to engage deeply with the aspects of your life that are most in flux and in need of attention.

Tune into the whispers of your soul and gain clarity and insight.

Explore Krysti's Oracle Card Reading Packages

Through the cards, Krysti will tap into your energy and the universal wisdom to offer you a tailored experience that speaks directly to your soul’s journey. Her commitment to your spiritual journey is reflected in every session, helping you to align more closely with your highest self, connect with your truth, and learn to live a more soul-led and joyful life.

Whether you choose a one-time reading or the annual readings, you’ll benefit from personalized attention and insights that aim to uplift, inspire, and guide you to deeper understanding of yourself.

How It Works

Order Your Reading

A limited amount  of readings are available each month. Secure your personalized reading from Krysti with just a few clicks.

Prepare for guidance

Krysti will tune into your energy and personally hand pull Oracle Cards and provide interpretations for you, either directly to your inbox or virtually.

Receive Your Reading & Act!

Receive insight and guidance, connect with your highest Self and reflect upon the truths offered, and take inspired action to move forward.


What exactly is an oracle card reading?

Oracle cards serve as a reflective tool, not predicting the future, offering a mirror to your current state and potential paths. They provide valuable insights and guidance, helping you understand and navigate your experiences. 

In an oracle card reading, Krysti will tap into your energy using a deck of oracle cards to receive guidance, uncover underlying issues, and provide future probabilities. Each card in the deck has a unique illustration and message that can offer personal and spiritual insights for you to gain deeper understanding of your situation, your authentic self and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

How can an oracle card reading benefit me?

Oracle cards serve as a mirror to your soul, reflecting your current state and revealing potential futures based on your present path in life.  Krysti utilizes the unique power of oracle cards to shine a light on your path, helping you navigate life’s complexities with greater clarity and confidence, offer reassurance, and empower you to make decisions that align with your highest self.

Each card deck is imbued with the wisdom of its subject of focus, offering guidance and insight into your current life’s journey. Reflecting upon each card and its message will ground you into the present moment and tap into your inner wisdom. These cards serve as a reminder that you are a powerful co-creator in your life, capable of manifesting your desires and living a soul-led life.

Can I order anytime?

Due to the personalized nature of this product Krysti has this dedicated time set aside each month to do a limited amount of readings.  When the readings are sold out you will be invited to join the wait list.

What should I expect during an oracle card reading?

By connecting with the wisdom of each card, you tap into your inner knowledge and explore possible future directions based on your present actions and thoughts. Oracle cards are a powerful aid in your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment.

Upon your order, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire for you to share what are you most interested in learning or receiving guidance upon with your personalized three-card oracle reading. Krysti will then tune into your energy and interpret the messages and meanings of the cards as well as how they relate to your questions or life situation. Your reading, along with an image of the cards pulled, will be sent to your inbox. You can expect a supportive, enlightening experience that encourages reflection and insight.

Is there a difference between oracle and tarot card readings?

Yes, while both oracle and tarot cards are used for divination, they differ in structure and use. Oracle cards are more free-form and can vary widely in the number of cards and themes, offering more flexibility in interpretation. Tarot cards follow a specific system and meanings. Krysti uses oracle card readings with her clients.

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