Krysti Turznik – Life Coach, Hypnotist, & Spiritual Mentor


Hi, I’m Krysti Turznik.  I’m a motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author, life coach, and hypnotist.  I help people how to create a live that speaks to their soul with meaning and value.  Through mindset, motivation, and meditation I show them how to establish a deeper spiritual connection so they can experience a life of miracles and magic where every day feels like a day at the beach.

I have an ability to read between the lines and hear what people are not saying, quickly identify their areas of self-sabotage or limiting beliefs, and help them to shift those to a more empowering mindset that is based upon self-love, value, and worth. 

I help them to find their own guidance, direction, and answers from within.  Because of this, those who work with me receive extremely valuable information and a personalized strategy on exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals.  As a result, they stop their inner struggle, feel confident in their choices, and experience a life filled with miracles and magic where every day feels like a day at the beach.  At the heart of it, I teach them how to unlock their potential, and experience their possibilities!

I’m passionate about helping women believe in themselves, their value, and their worth.  I am uplifted when I can help others stop hiding their true selves, stop living in fear, playing small, and living for everyone but themselves.  My own spirit is elevated when someone understands at their heart-level that they are more powerful than the power they have claimed, and that they matter and are here to change the world in their own special and important way.  I invite them to shine more brightly in the world so they can live their purpose

How long have you been doing what you doing and how did you get to be a Life Coach, Hypnotist and Spiritual Mentor?

The defining moment that brought me to where I am today, coaching people like you on exactly what to do to achieve the kind of life you want, happened in 1992 when I was just 17 years old.

I was told I had a heart condition that required lifelong medication.  One day, a few years later, I was in the shower and having just finished shaving my legs I stood back up and got dizzy (which was one of the most significant symptoms of the condition).  As my vision darkened, the white spots appeared before my eyes, and my face started tingling.  I knew I would soon pass out if I didn’t do something.  But rather than sit down and wait for it to pass like I always did (which to me felt like watching my life pass me by), I decided I’d had enough and wanted more for myself.

“NO!” I shouted in my mind.  “Enough!  I don’t want this!” I inwardly screamed.  I wanted more.  I deserved more.  I would claim now nothing less than the kind of healthy life I wanted.  My dizziness passed, and with it my acceptance of a life I didn’t want did as well.  During the next year and a half I did much self-exploration and discovery into what purpose it had in my life.  I resolved those things, and as I did, my heart condition did as well.

I believe we all have the answers to all of our own questions already within ourselves.  Once we truly commit to understanding everything our situation has to offer us, we can move forward with ease and grace.

I have since made the commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping people overcome their own mental and physical inner blocks so that they can unlock their potential and experience their possibilities.

So from my own journey and my experience of being a Transformation Coach for nearly two decades I know how to help you get to the core of why you are struggling and heal it at that level so you can experience greater happiness and unlock your full potential; become healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually; and reclaim your power so that you can continue to challenge any areas of resistance in your life so you can grow and experience your possibilities.

My goal is to help you harness your unconscious wisdom, learn to make your own right decisions and get in touch with your own healing power.  My care is informed by motivational life coaching; hypnotic arts and sciences; supportive, exploratory, and empowering verbal techniques; guided imagery; meditation; metaphysics; and various mental exercises and experiences.

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