You’re here and You’re READY!

You’re ready to connect more deeply to your authentic self, your purpose, and your passions so that you you can create a life filled with miracles and magic.  You’re ready to unlock your potential and experience your possibilities.

YOU ARE READY to stop all the nonsense that leaves you feeling mentally drained, physically exhausted, and spiritually depleted…

  • Ready to stop going through the motions and stop wasting time because you know you have important things to do with your life.  Time is ticking and you know you have much inside you that is calling to be set free.
  • Ready to stop living for everyone else and putting your needs last.  You are here for a purpose and you are finally ready to start living on purpose for that purpose.
  • Ready to stop letting opportunities pass you by and start saying “Yes!” to the things that speak to your heart.
  • Ready to stop pretending everything is fine when really inside you’re just barely holding on.
  • Ready to stop feeling not good enough and start believing in yourself!

The answers to all your questions lie deep within your own mind.  Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom, take charge of yourself and reclaim your life, become more independent, confident, and create the life of your dreams!

My coaching programs are designed to help you maintain your commitment.  To work through those things you didn’t know you needed to address or were afraid to face on your own.  To encourage you and make your progress easier and more efficient.  To celebrate your successes with you as you achieve your goals.  These Transformation Programs work! 

But here’s the catch…

Too many times I’ve seen clients wanting me to wave a magic wand over their mind and do the work for them… to “fix” them.  It doesn’t work that way.  You must be committed to making the changes you desire.  Remember, these are your goals, not mine.  I’ve seen the power, success, and fulfillment that one gains when they hold themselves accountable for improving their life.  I’ve also seen the sadness and defeat some experience when they claim no responsibility for their own personal transformation.

I can walk beside you and show you the way, but you will need to do your work. 

I can assure you that you are in a safe and sacred space with me.  I render a high level of care and I am good at what I do.  I can help you!


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You’ve spent a life-time caring for others and meeting their needs, but not enough time caring for yourself.  You feel the burning inside that tells you your time is now.

Escape the Story that’s Kept You Stuck and Unfulfilled to Create a Purposeful Life with Courage & Confidence

Hypnotism-focused programs are for clients with specific medical issues as we work to improve your overall well-being.  Your doctor will be notified of our work prior to beginning sessions.

Meet new people on the same path as you.  Discover new insight from someone else’s experiences.  Build your community of like-minded individuals.

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