Discover the Power of the Ocean Oracle Journey

Embark on a transformative journey with the Guided Ocean Oracle Journey, designed for those seeking to deepen their self-discovery, awaken their intuition, and embrace their true potential.

Why Choose This Journey?

You’re a powerful co-creator in your life and are ready to embrace a life aligned with your deepest desires & authenticity, and you’re looking for a quick and fun way to get back on track to living a soul-led life.

What You Will Gain

Experience profound clarity and connection to your higher self, guided by the wisdom of the ocean and the whispers of your heart.

♥ More Alignment

Enhance your spiritual connection and be led by your soul.

♥ More Freedom

Make choices based on your deepest, most authentic desires.

♥ More Happiness

Become inspired to live the life you feel called to live.

The Guided Ocean Oracle Journey is for souls seeking truth and wisdom who are ready to deepen their self-discovery, awaken their intuition, and experience profound clarity and authenticity.

🐚 You’re struggling to interpret your inner wisdom and feeling lost or confused about your path forward.

🐚 You’re ready to break free from self-doubt, limited thinking, and unconscious patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

🐚 You’re no longer willing to settle for a life that no longer serves you and are craving alignment with your highest callings and desires.

🐚 You’ve been feeling disconnected from your true self, struggling to navigate life’s challenges, or longing for deeper meaning and purpose.

🐚 You want something unique that will give you greater confidence in trusting yourself and the guidance around you.

🐚 You want to gain insight from your higher Self and hear the whispers of their heart, but you’re limited on time and need a quick solution.

Tune into the wisdom of your Higher Self

with this Guided Oracle Journey

Discover the wisdom gained through a Guided Oracle Journey delivered directly to your inbox. This unique and transformative experience is designed to connect you with your inner guidance and higher Self in a fun and quick way (less than 2 minutes a day).

This journey utilizes the unique power of oracle cards to shine a light on your path, helping you navigate life’s complexities with greater clarity and confidence, without adding another thing to your To Do List.

Oracle cards serve as a mirror to your soul, reflecting your current state and revealing potential futures based on your present course. Through the cards, you tap into the ancient wisdom of the ocean, gaining insights that are both empowering and illuminating. This journey is about discovering your authentic self and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Unlock the Power of Your Soul's Wisdom

Align with Your Heart's Deepest Desires

You hold the key to your deepest desires, purpose, and potential. Quiet the noise of the outside world and tune into the whispers of your soul.

Tune into Your Inner Guidance

Listen closely to the messages that arise within you. Trust your intuition, follow your inner guidance, and allow your soul to lead the way towards greater fulfillment and joy.

Embrace Your Spiritual Journey

Discover the transformative power of aligning with the creative energy and guidance of the Universe, opening pathways to clarity and spiritual awakening.

Transformative Insights

Let the wisdom of the ocean illuminate your path, awaken your soul, and guide you towards greater clarity, authenticity, and alignment with your highest Self.

Guided Ocean Oracle Journey

Discover the power of a Guided Oracle Journey to ground you in the present, provide profound insights, and align you with the creative forces of your higher Self and the universe. Join the Guided Oracle Journey and start your path to deeper self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Each day, you’ll receive an email with a powerful oracle card message and guidance on how to apply it to your life. At the end of your journey you’ll also receive a PDF digital ebook of all Ocean Oracle messages you received.

Through reflection, intention setting, and inspired action, you’ll learn to trust your intuition, embrace your inner wisdom, and become a more powerful co-creator in your life.

$44 • Starts delivering immediately upon purchase. 

Meet Your Guide, Krysti Turznik

Hi, I’m Krysti Turznik, your guide for spiritual and personal growth. I’m a spiritual teacher, best-selling author, mindset and life coach, and certified consulting hypnotist. In addition to my Master’s Degree in Metaphysics, along with extensive training in psychology and hypnotherapy, my certifications in various healing modalities have equipped me with the unique skills to help you unlock your inner wisdom and achieving authentic self-expression so you can live a soul-led life.

Through the Guided Oracle Journey, I’ll guide you towards deeper self-awareness, clarity, and the uncovering of your soul’s narrative, using the mystical wisdom of the ocean as the guide.


What People Are Saying

Explore a Sample of the Captivating Imagery

Oracle Card Visual Gallery

About the Oracle Card Deck

The Ocean Oracle Card Deck is a beautifully crafted tool designed for those on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. This 50-card deck harnesses the mystical energies of the ocean to provide clear guidance and profound insights into your personal and spiritual pathways.

The artwork in The Ocean Oracle card deck is a unique blend of digital art and spiritual inspiration that flowed through me. It was created using a combination of Midjourney, Canva, and the divine inspiration of my soul. I trained the AI in my own specific creative style using prompts and ideas until the images produced resonated with the images I held in my mind and heart for the oracle deck. The end result is the manifestation of the co-creation of technology and spirit coming together in a beautiful way that serves and supports us in remembering who we truly are and the meaning of our lives.

Each card in this 50-card deck is infused with the unique vibrations of the ocean’s wisdom, designed to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your own intuition and spiritual path. By integrating the symbols and messages of the ocean into your daily practice, the Ocean Oracle deck serves as a powerful tool for personal growth and self-reflection. It encourages users to explore their subconscious and uncover insights that lead to greater self-mastery.

Whether you are new to oracle cards or an experienced practitioner, the Guided Ocean Oracle Journey offers a refreshing perspective that can enhance your decision-making process, become a powerful conduit for self-reflection, boost your confidence, and help you navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and insight.

Unlock Your Spiritual Journey

Embark on this transformative Guided Oracle Journey that promises to deepen your self-discovery, enhance your spiritual connection, and guide you towards personal growth. Join today and start your path towards profound clarity and authentic self-expression, and let yourself live a soul-led life.

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