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With nearly 20 years working with people in personal development, Krysti now shows audiences how to leverage the scientific and spiritual principles that respond to their mindset, overcome self-sabotage, harness their innate power, and intentionally and purposefully create a life they don’t need to escape from.

She entertains, motivates, and inspires, leaving her audience with tools and the desire to implement personal changes required to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. She has a special talent for easily connecting with her audiences with her uplifting, encouraging, and self-reflective presentation style. 

She’s passionate about helping people believe in themselves, their value, and their worth, so they can shine more brightly in the world living their purpose and passion.

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Krysti spoke on my stage at Shine Live and the grace and poise and presence she showed on stage was unmatched.  She has a calm confidence that had us all leaning in and taking note.  The way she spoke helped us to feel and embody the truth of her words.  Her personal story was told so poignantly and in a way that we could connect with in our own lives and the lessons shared through the stories hit home powerfully.  Her message is one we all need to hear and so grateful for not only the beautiful stories and analogies but also the actionable strategies we can implement asap to see results in our own lives.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light with all of us at Shine! 

Chantelle Adams

Krysti’s Most Requested Speaking Topics

I am happy to tailor my topics to fit your audience and event needs.

  • “Someday…” Starts Today
  • Shine Light on Your Shadows
  • Mindset is Everything
  • The Magic in You
  • Your Vital Beliefs

 All too often we wait for “Someday…” to live a life that fills us with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Why is it we put off living our deepest desires and passions until the future?  What if we could create a life where every day feels like a day at the beach!  Not that we have to drop everything, but what if we could have that energy and feeling of being at the beach… right here in THIS moment.  Rather than waiting for that next great escape, it’s possible to have that dream life now.


  • How to embrace all parts of who you are and what you came here to do
  • How to connect with that deep inner peace that is within and around you always
  • How to craft your beliefs and expectations into a powerful force that brings your desires to you
  • How you are the ultimate authority in your life with the power to shape your life for better or worse
  • How to show up as a powerful creator in your life

You are divinely beautiful, in and out. During your beautiful speech I came crystal clear on my purpose.  There could be no greater gift.  In gratitude.

Keyla O.

We are all wounded.  At one point or another, we have all believed we were not good enough, smart enough, or deserving enough.  We allowed the outside world to decide who we should be and what we should do. We allowed ourselves to forget who we really are.  Yet in any moment we can choose to reconnect to our truth and create a life of miracles and magic.


  • How to give yourself permission to take an honest look at their your life and discover what you think and feel about it. 
  • How to identify the level to which you have been disconnected from yourself and your truth. 
  • The beauty of loving yourself in this moment
  • How to embrace the parts of yourself you have disconnected from

Your thoughts, feelings, and mental images are creating your reality.  Your outside experiences will always mirror the inner landscape of your mind.  Success and failure are directly impacted by the quality of your mindset.  Peace and tranquility are a beach state of mind.  Harness the inner innate power and begin to create a life with meaning and value that reflects what you truly desire.


  • How to bring awareness of your beliefs, at a deep level, are connected with what you experience in life
  • How to become mindful of your expectations and its relationship with the actions you take in life
  • How to gain the confidence to commit yourself and honor yourself and who you are at the most fundamental levels and beyond

Imagine being able to direct the power to shape your life with a deep sense of trust and understanding that your wish is the command that puts everything into motion.  Discover the true magic in and around you in each and every moment, and watch as you learn to become your own fairy godmother creating the life you desire.


  • How you are a powerful creator in their life with the ability to bring forth your deepest desires
  • To understand the impact of the mind-body connection and how the body responds to every thought of the mind
  • How you are not alone in the creation of your life but working in conjunction with the laws of the universe
  • To connect with an inner peace and stillness in this moment and be able to take that skill with you into your future
  • Through guided meditation, you will connect to spirit and start to hear the whispers of your soul that will guide you to make powerful decisions in each moment as you learn to trust that whisper. 

I would LOVE to interview Krysti or have her be a part of our online event.

 Thank you, I am honoured that you would love to have me be a part of your event.  

 I will show you and your audience how to feel more confident in yourself and your place in the world, to trust yourself and your choices, to reconnect to who you really are, and to feel motivated to do what needs to be done. My deep passion is helping people get out of their own way, truly claiming ownership of their lives, and profoundly connecting with their inner self so they can shine their light more fully and uplift the world in their own special way. If you are seeking a guest expert who brings enthusiasm and positivity, as well as spiritual guidance, authenticity, vulnerable honesty, and a bit of tough-love mindset work (always filled with love, of course), connect with me to discuss your opportunity.   I love making space and time for these opportunities when they are a great fit.  

Topics I love to discuss and teach on:



Meditation / Self-Hypnosis





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