Our modern world is filled with stresses of every kind… it’s simply unavoidable. 

Stress management all starts in your head.  Positive stresses can challenge us to act in creative and resourceful ways. 

Stress is often a good motivator.  Too little stress can also be bad as it can cause us to become disconnected and lethargic.  Of course, too much stress can be harmful to your health. 

We must learn to balance the stresses in life.  Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

How Many of These Common Symptoms of Stress are YOU Experiencing??

– Body soreness – Stiff neck, backache, headache

– Rapid breathing; Shortness of breath

– Chest pain

– Muscle spasms

– Sweaty palms

– Upset stomach; diarrhea or constipation

– Emotional Changes

– Moodiness

– Become irritable and intolerant of even minor disturbances

– Lose your temper more often and yell at others for no reason

– Frequent crying

– A noticeably negative attitude

– Anxiety; feel jumpy, pending sense of doom

– Difficulty sleeping; exhausted all the time

– Find it hard to concentrate

You deserve so much more for yourself than living life in a state of stress.


“We are at our best when we give the doctor, who resides within each [of us],

a chance to go to work.”  

Albert Schweitzer, Nobel prize-winning physician

The natural process of hypnosis enables you to take an active role in shaping the outcomes of your life. Simply by slowing down and focusing your attention inward, you return your mind and body to a more pleasant state of being… to a place where you are healthier and happier.

So give yourself the gift of time, take back control of your life, and return to your inner state of harmony and balance. You’ll be glad you did!

In this hypnosis Stress Reduction & Relaxation Program, you’ll learn the necessary tools to combat stress so that you may maintain a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, even during those times that may have previously caused you stress.

* Circle of Strength

Recall a specific time in your life when you had all the relaxation, peace, and comfort that you would like to carry with you always. The process using this simple visualization will allow you to bring forward all of those wonderful feelings and characteristics into any situation in which you would like to possess them.

* Trust Yourself 

So much of the stress in our lives comes from our belief that we are unable to appropriately handle the situations that arise in our lives. This hypnosis session returns and strengthens the positive beliefs in yourself that you are truly able to feel happy, proud, confident, and at peace with yourself during any situation that may come your way.

* Healing Flower 

This hypnosis induction is especially ideal for those people who try to analyze the hypnosis process.  Stroll through a healing garden that allows you to release your tension and anxiety, while becoming relaxed, healthy, and well.

*Building Blocks

Learn to view every experience, positive or negative, in the light of learning something new. Nothing in life is ever lost or wasted but rather helps you get to the next place on your journey. 


Stress Reduction & Relaxation Hypnosis Program

This is a four-track hypnosis program

Only $19.95


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