Vision Board Masterclass 

For those who want to manifest a life they love

Tapping into the power of deliberate creation


This is a FREE session to help you

Create a Powerful Vision Board that Works

My open letter to you:

Magnificent lives just don’t happen. They are created.

You may have an idea of what you want, but my guess is that you need more clarity on what specifically you want. That up until this point, more than likely, it’s been more wishful thinking than anything. That often makes it difficult to achieve those things you say you want.

But that all ends with this Vision Board Masterclass!

This is not your average boring cut-and-paste-pictures-onto-a-board workshop.

It is an immersion for you to focus on connecting to your authentic self and the ideal outcomes that match your purpose and passion. We’re going to uncover your desires by connecting with your deepest inner self.

Let’s go beyond what we think we should have or want, and really get in touch with WHO you are really are.

Set your intention on what you’d like to manifest in 2021 and start the year off knowing what you want.

A Vision Board, or blend board, is a way to manifest your dream life. When you make a Vision Board, you get clear on what you want to create in your life.

Once you get clarity, you select images and words from online sources to create a vision board that we will print out before you leave.  Seeing this collage each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract.

(Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and Katy Perry all swear by Vision Boards).

Surround yourself with images of what you want to do – have – feel – be… and your life changes to match those images and desires.

Join me in this deepest-desires immersion Vision Board Masterclass. Give yourself time to focus on your authentic self, core clarity, and ideal outcomes.

Bring your laptop and your dreams. It’s time to create a life that speaks to your soul and has meaning and value!

Sending Love,

You will learn:

  • The truth behind why vision boards are so powerful

  • How to connect with your authentic self to identify your desires

  • The best way to set your intention and get clear on what you want

  • A simple Clarity Ritual

  • The power of ritual and writing

  • The different types of vision boards

  • Alternatives to traditional vision boards

  • The 8 steps to creating an effective vision board

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