Have you ever experienced déjà vu?  

Are you drawn to certain things, but don’t know why?

Do you know information you have never been exposed to?

Who were you… before you were you?

Is it possible? Can hypnosis really allow you to enter the realm of past lives?

Whether or not you believe in past lives, you’ll enjoy this fun and fascinating past life experience in the comfort of your own home.

Take a pleasant journey into a time and place of long ago, to a past life where you lived to at least age 30 and had a happy life.

Discover the keys to why you are the way you are today.  Many people are able to change their lives by discovering reoccurring patterns or fears.

– Bring clarity and new insight to your present life

– Recognize and embrace your eternal self

– Gain self-realization

– Evolve spiritually

– Expand your consciousness

The possibilities are endless as you unlock the secret to the question: “Who were you, before you were you?”

Past Life Regression Program

Only $14.95


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