This 5-track Courageously Confident Guided Meditations program offers an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, and become the best “you” possible.

Get out of your own way and move beyond your self-imposed limitations, discover newfound confidence in yourself and the choices you make, and discover what it’s like to live your life fully.

Enjoy the sensations of deep relaxation and the hypnotic guided meditations that this program offers as you experience for yourself how easy and natural it is. 

Just imagine how wonderful it will be to believe more deeply in yourself and to know that you are the best that you can possibly be. 

This is no longer a dream.   It CAN actually happen… to you! 

Best of all, you’ve already begun the journey.

Each of the sessions in this program will help you to overcome your limitations and blocks as you learn to strengthen your self-confidence.

* Pointing Finger Exercise

The importance of imagination and visualization is illustrated in this brief session.  By utilizing these tools to the fullest, you will break through barriers even you didn’t know you had.

* Circle of Excellence 

You will create a powerful circle of excellence where only positive thoughts and beliefs will reside.  Then any time you need a boost of strength and self-confidence, you will mentally toss the circle before you and step into it, bringing those positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your abilities to the forefront.

* Barrier in your Road of Life

There is something – an obstacle or barrier of some sort – that is benefiting by holding you back, blocking your path, and not allowing you to shine to your fullest potential.  In this session you will learn and understand exactly what this obstacle wants so that you may remove it from your life, enabling you to progress forward into the new you that you are becoming.

* Darkness to Light

Perhaps your life is darker or more dim than you’d like it to be right now.  This session will help you to move beyond and release negative and limiting aspects that have settled upon you, and allow you to replace them with brighter, more beneficial qualities and characteristics that you’d like to possess.

* Self-Confidence Strengthening (Direct Suggestion)

Listen to this session any time to increase your belief and confidence in yourself.

Self-Confidence Hypnosis Program

This is a five-track hypnotic guided meditation program. 

Only $24.95


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