When Dreams Come True

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, no matter what your family celebrates. 

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We had a magical Christmas Eve this year when one of my daughter’s wishes came true.  All season long Arwen has been sharing with me how she hoped to catch Santa when he came.  We sprinkled our reindeer dust to light the way for him and began our festivities.  Later in the evening as she came down the stairs, she heard someone jingling bells and asked, “Who’s doing that?”  When she turned and saw Santa bending down putting presents under the tree, her reaction was curious.  She turned around, bolted up the stairs, and hid in the bathroom.  There was no coaxing her down to talk with Santa.  Her dream was only to experience him but not to be discovered in the process.  She believed that if Santa saw her see him, then she wouldn’t receive any gifts.  I held her hand and dragged her to sit beside the jolly old man.  She relaxed after he joked with her about catching him, and she sat in wonder as he read off a few things from his naughty/nice book of things she needed to work on or did beautifully throughout the year.  When he opened his bag and handed her exactly what she had just asked him for, her certainty that wishes do come true was confirmed.  After Santa left, she proclaimed that it was “Such a magical night!”

What I find very interesting is that sometimes we freak out when our dreams are in sight.  We worry that things aren’t exactly as we had imagined, and because of that, we’re going to lose out in the end.  Sometimes when we get so close, we get in our own way and miss out on those magical experiences that have the potential to alter our world.  Those goals, once they are achieved, will shape the course of our lives as we move forward on the wings of our accomplishments.  But they can only do their shaping if we step forward.  If we allow ourselves to take those last, sometimes uncomfortable, steps outside our comfort zone and say YES to what is in front of us. 

So with the new year at our doorstep, what would you like to achieve in this next year?  What will you do to ensure that you will indeed take those steps necessary to make your dreams come true?  And remember that sometimes it’s ok to have someone beside you showing you the way.  You’ll be so thankful that you did. 

Here’s to wishing you a magical new year.

All the best as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities.


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