Pulling Your Hair Out Moments

My daughter drives me crazy.  Not always, but when she does, it’s a downright full blown crazy.  The kind of crazy that make you feel like you want to pull all your hair out.  The kind that make me wonder what is possibly going on in that head of...

Ready to Stop Beating Your Head Against the Wall?

Change is hard.  Really hard.  Our patterns are so deeply ingrained into our psyche that any deviation from our norm causes our mind to throw up red flags like crazy.  We can almost hear the internal alarms blaring loudly like an evacuation siren… you...

Are You Wounded Yet?

This time of year we hear so much about resolutions and the changes we want to make within ourselves.  Often we set high expectations on what we will achieve in the coming year, with dreams that we will be better once we _____________ (fill in the...

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