I’m not an outlet

I had just gotten our daughter settled for the night when I told my husband I needed his help wrapping my head around a visual concept.  He resisted. Although much insight comes to me in the dark quiet hours, to my dismay, late night conversations about deep topics do not stimulate him.

Perhaps it was the way I stumbled when I entered the room that made him more open or perhaps every now and then we each need to think about the deep questions of life.  Whatever it was, he helped me to clarify what had been bouncing around in my brain at bedtime.

“So,” I told him, “God/The Divine is everywhere.”  (How’s that for easing into a conversation!?)  “There is no place the Divine is not.  That means the Divine is in me and the Divine is in you.  Since the Divine is in me, I have access to the same creative power that brings ideas into form.”

I asked for his ideas on how to visualize this concept.  We talked about flowers and trees where each of us is a seed or a petal or a leaf or a small part connected to the whole, but it didn’t feel right.  Each of those things falls away from their original source and becomes a new and separate being.  I was searching for an example of something that shows we are an operating center still connected to its source.

Then clarity came to me.  Our source is a power plant and we get our power and never-ending supply of what we need directly from it.  He rolled over and smashed his face into the bed, deflated.  “Oh sh*$, I get it what you are saying.  Everyone is a fu*#ing outlet.”  My guess is that he did not want to be an outlet.  Not all outlets are created equally; some can supply only a very small amount of energy like a blow drier, while others have the capacity for tremendous output.

Yet that seems to be the problem for so many of us.  We act as if we are puny little outlets and others can do greater things than we can.  We have unknowingly thrown the switch on our own fuse box and limited our full potential.  We have forgotten that we are the distribution center that supplies power to our housing, fuse box, and outlets.  We are directly connected to our power plant, to our Source, from which all things come.

We are the personalized I in the Divine Idea that brings it to life and into form.  Without the Source, the idea could not come.  Without the individual, the idea could not be born.

So we are co-creating our experience based upon where we believe we are.  If we act as if we are the outlet, our power is limited and we can often feel powerless to move beyond our current capacity.  Yet if we act as if we are the distribution center, the powerful operating center directly connected to its Source, our capacity for expansion and impact expands to include a never-ending supply of co-creative power and abundance, thereby fulfilling the needs of everything including our outlets.

I invite you to explore where you have been acting from.  Take out your safety covers, flip the switch, and tap into the power within.

Much love,


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