Afraid to really be seen?

It can be difficult to let others see who we truly are.

We fear being judged, rejected, and outcast.

Instead of developing the courage to embody who we’re meant to be, we segment ourselves into the parts we feel are acceptable and those that must remain tucked away. We develop patterns and beliefs that attempt to keep us safe from harm.

In doing so, we trap ourselves behind masks that don’t show our fullness. We hide what makes us unique. We abandon the parts we don’t know how to love. We limit our value and the purpose of our desires and dreams.

We become so sensitive to what others think that the sound of our inner voice, the voice of our soul, becomes a faint whisper we can hardly hear. We feel that disconnect deeply even if we don’t know how to put words to it.

Yet we have no guarantee that the false self we create will not be judged, rejected, or outcast either.

But there IS an opportunity for you to be acknowledged, accepted, and surrounded by those who connect with you, with those who see you and appreciate you…

You get to decide if you’ll choose to show your half self or if it’ll be the authentic expression of who you are. But deep down, you know you’ll only really feel fulfilled, confident, and at peace when you reveal yourself and let yourself truly be seen.

So if the possible outcomes are the same, let’s no longer be willing to dim our light. It’s so much less work than all the pretending or trying to please others or fit in.

Our only certainty is that if we live our lives playing small, diminishing what makes us different, and doubting our worth, that we prevent ourselves from experiencing our fullest potential and living the life we’re meant to live.

I invite you to deeply embrace and lean into who you truly are.

Let’s celebrate your strengths, find joy in your quirks, and honor the wounds that need healing.

Because who you are matters.

It matters to you.
It matters to me.
It matters to the world.

Name and claim who you are for all to see.

What got you here will help you achieve everything you long for.

Let yourself be vulnerable and trust you are welcome and desired.

There is no need for you to hide any longer.

Let yourself be seen.
Let your voice be heard.
Let your impact be profound.

I’m rooting for you and am here if you need help along the way.

Lots of love,

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