Are you waiting for Someday?

How would you show up differently in your life if you were in tune with your inner calling, your purpose, your passions?

I meet so many women who have numbed out or are just going through the motions. They sacrifice themselves for the ones they love, waiting for the time when it’s their turn and they can have ‘permission’ to live their dreams.

Yet so often that time never comes.  They don’t make themselves or their desires a priority, and so nobody else does either.

The thing I know for sure is that every single one of them regret forgetting their own value and purpose and wish they had chosen themselves sooner.  

We often wait too long thinking that someday things will be different.  We think time is on our side – until we recognize that our time on this earth is limited so it’s time to get to work on what we’re here to do.

Because you really have two choices:

You can wait for “Someday…” to start living your life.  You can wait for that perfect time that will never come.  You’ve been putting off your desires and aspirations for so long already… until that project is finished, the kids are in school, or your partner gets his mess together… In the meantime, you’re waiting and life is passing you by.

OR, you can Start Today.  You can start taking the actions that will allow your “Someday” to start today.  You can begin to move toward your dreams and before long you’ll find yourself living a life that’s more connected to your spirit.

Consider this:
How would your life change if you had the courage and confidence to say yes to yourself?

What needs to shift within you so that you trust and honor the guidance around you – either from the divine or by someone who’s walked the path before you?

Where in your life are you waiting for “someday” to make it happen, and what is one thing you can choose that will align you with that future?

It’s your time and you are worth it.
Sending you lots of love,

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What do you do when you find yourself out of alignment?

So often, if you’re like so many women I know, you come to a point in your life when you feel like you’ve done everything you thought you were supposed to do yet you somehow find yourself uninspired and unfulfilled life.  

You know there’s more to life than what you’ve been living, yet you can’t quite figure out what’s missing or how to get your passion back.  

For so long it’s felt as if you’ve had to sacrifice yourself or put your needs last, waiting for that magical day to come when it’s finally your turn.  

In today’s video I tell you how you can realign with your deepest purpose and desires and let your someday start today.

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