Be a Light in the Darkness

Lean in.  Listen closely.
Allow these words to touch you like never before…

You are exactly what the world needs.  (Yes, you).

You may think you need to have it all together before you are enough.  Before you can prove your worth.  Before you can start living the life you dream about.

Let me whisper the truth so you hear it deep in your soul…

You don’t need to wait until you have X dollars in the bank, the degrees or titles behind your name, the husband (wife) to share your life and children with…

You don’t need to wait until your life is perfect, with the successful career, the amazing relationship, and wholesome family that never disagrees…

I know you’ve felt time passing in the blink of an eye, and you know there is no time to waste.

It’s time to stop going through the motions and wasting time because you have a longing from your deep spirit that you’ve been neglecting.

It’s time to stop living for everyone else and sacrificing yourself so you can create a life that inspires you and speaks to your soul.

It’s time to stop letting opportunities pass you by and start saying “Yes!” to your deepest desires that speak to your heart so you can impact the world.

The stakes are too high for you to be playing small, settling for less, and withholding your brilliance.

You already have everything you need within yourself to create a life that speaks to your soul.

You are here with a purpose, for a purpose, and you matter.

You are meant to impact the world in ways you cannot even imagine.

The sooner you can allow yourself to embrace who you truly are – the light and the dark and everything that makes you who you are – the sooner you will learn to trust yourself and discover the courage to start living a life that is full of the miracles and magic only you can create.

There is enough darkness in the world.
What the world needs is for you to be a light in the darkness.

Are you ready to shine your light like never before?

Lots of love,

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