Breakdown to Breakthrough

You’ll never get your big breakthrough unless you have your big breakdown first.

Let that sink in.

You can fight the overwhelm from having to do it all… 
the stress that comes with being the one to hold it all together, 
and the intuition that tells you how far off course you’ve strayed.  

You can work endless hours until you’re exhausted and weary to the bone…

BUT at what cost?

Settling and sacrificing your time and effort in exchange for the memories you could have created if you were actually present with your children…

Chastising yourself for not being the woman you long to be and losing touch with your femininity and the intimacy you once had with your partner…

Not a moment to rest and reflect because you’re so busy *doing* all the things that are expected of you and trying to control it all…

My sweet, you can’t go on carrying this load of stress and unhappiness you’ve been feeling.

Whether by choice or by force, your breakdown is coming.  
And it may come sooner than you think.

There is no hiding.  There is no escape.  There is only one way through.

When it feels like the chaos is coming at you from every angle, when your life feels as if it is hanging on by a thread, know that there is a gift within the destruction.

A spiritual realignment of what was is, transforming into what will be.

Your breakdown reveals the things you hold most dear in your life as you’ve known it.  It’s an awakening.  It requires a releasing of your old ways of thinking, feeling, living.

Breakdown = impending breakthrough 

The chaos, the overwhelm, the fatigue, the self-doubt, the lack of fulfillment, the bottom rung of priorities – these all must go.

Your breakthrough is coming.     

What you’re left with will be the peace, the certainty, the vitality, and the purposeful direction that comes with your transformation from one level of existence into the next. 

You can fight the breakdown or you can trust that the Universe is working with you and FOR you.  

Your breakdown may end up being one of the biggest blessings of your life.

You cannot become who you may become without experiencing the struggles of your current moment.

It’s your sign that it’s time to dive deeper within and discover the beauty of what awaits you.

Sending you lots of love,

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