Do you feel isolated?

“Sometimes I just feel so alone.”

Those words convey such a feeling of
and misunderstanding.

We all want to be seen, validated, and acknowledged for who we are and how we’re showing up in the world. We want to feel like we’re on track with our goals and that we’re making a difference in some way. We want to feel supported and loved, and to know that we (and our efforts) matter.

But sometimes we just feel so dang alone.

In our work we might be showing up and doing “all the things” yet not getting the results we’re looking for. So we adjust what we’re doing again and again until it feels like we’re just spinning our wheels without getting anywhere. All the while while we’re spinning, our confidence drops and insecurities start to appear. We feel like we’re the only ones going through it and so we build our armor and put on masks to hide how much we are struggling.

In our personal lives, we don’t always feel safe enough to fully express our authenticity. Rejection can cause us to shrink and turn within, but sometimes even in our closest relationships we hold back our truest thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

In the last several years we’ve felt the shift to create a lifestyle that more closely matches how we’re wired, which is so important. We may have allowed ourselves to connect with our priorities again and to release the things that no longer serve our goals.

Yet through that shedding, we may find we’ve separated ourselves from what can help us to thrive:

Whether our solitude and isolation is self-imposed or preferred, it’s important for us to find methods to stay connected while remaining true to who we are.

We are not meant to walk this life alone.
Not in work, not in our private lives.

We need community to hold space for the vision of our fullest potential and to lovingly remind us when we get off track.

Creation is born from connection.

And you are here in this life to create miraculous and wonderful things.

We feel so isolated because we’re not being seen, heard, helped, or healed.

It highlights even more of our personal responsibility to take full ownership of our lives and ask for what we need when we need it.

If you need a friend, ask.
If you need like-minded community where you can share elevated thoughts and inspiration, ask.
If you need support to get unstuck, ask.
If you need guidance on how to move forward with greater ease and direction, ask.

And then be willing to open yourself to receiving what you ask for in a form that may be different than how you imagined it might be.

What worked for you in the past may not be what will work for you today, and you might miss the people or opportunities that are exactly what you’re seeking.

From the depths of isolation can come clarity of your desires and connection to your highest Self.

If you feel like you’ve been doing too much without support, then I invite you to have the courage to ask for what you need.

You are not alone.
I’m here if you need my help.

Sending lots of love,

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