Has this come up for you?

Have you ever had to do something that you’ve been dreading, but knew at some point you’d have to face head on?

We all have those ‘things’ we avoid as long as possible until something happens that causes us to see things differently.

I did one of the hardest things in my parenting journey last week.

I told my 10 year old daughter that her dad, my husband, has struggled with drug addiction. Ugh.

Some things came up that prompted the revelation, but I knew it was time.

I felt my resistance and heard the negative chatter trying to have its way with me. I witnessed it and recognized it for what it was: Fear.  Then I told it to be quiet because what I was about to do was more important than the story it was trying to tell me.

I leaned into my deeper inner wisdom and took a deep breath (several of them, actually).

I reminded myself of my intention so I could share with love from my heart and guide her to a deeper understanding with truth.

Oh man, was that hard.

Internally, I struggled with protecting her innocence and sheltering her as long as possible. Like so many other Moms, I am fierce about keeping her from unnecessary harm.

Yet sometimes we must understand the darkness in order to more fully see the light.

Sometimes our discomfort is the path before us and will give us the greatest reward.

I guided her to tune into the thoughts that were coming up for her and the feelings her body was giving her, so she could more deeply process this new information. Our mind and body are always communicating with us and when we honor the wisdom it shares, we understand ourselves more deeply.

This has reminded me of the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the things you fear.

When we allow ourselves to be limited by the familiar and known, we diminish ourselves and our potential.

When we limit the truth that we are willing to experience, either our truth or the truth of someone else, we hinder our capacity to truly witness the gifts offered to us through its presence.

It is much more inviting to embrace the gifts of

  • Allowing yourself to rise into greater truth and understanding, no matter how difficult it may appear to be.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and not allowing someone else’s journey of personal growth to become our own (So many of us, especially women, carry the burdens of other’s mistakes as our own).
  • Reminding yourself it’s safe to experience both the light and dark in your life.
  • Knowing you will discover more strength and abilities than you thought you had within you.

Ask yourself if you are, like I was, trying to avoid something that you know you should address.

Remember… You are safe in the storm.  You are safe in the sunshine.

You are not alone in your struggles.

I’m here for you.
Much love,

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  • Twitterhttps://twitter.com/krystiturznik
  • LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/krystiturznik/

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