Here’s how to stop settling

You are meant for greatness.

In your life.
In your work.
In your relationships.
In your finances.
In your impact.

You deserve greatness. Nothing less.

But experience and “Life” has challenged your beliefs in that.

Within you is the blueprint to fulfill your highest potential and soulful purpose.

It’s already within you.

Yet we often create limitations and subconscious programming that prevent us from achieving everything we wish for ourselves.

We stop believing we’re enough – good enough, smart enough, talented enough, loved enough…

Or we focus all our time and attention on excelling in one area while the rest falls flat.

We convince ourselves we can’t have it all.

So, we settle for less than we desire and deserve. We sacrifice the yearnings of our soul for the life we can see in front of us.

So how do you shift it and stop settling?

Decide you are worthy enough to receive the life you long for so you can do what is necessary to claim it.

That’s it.
Just decide.

That’s the first step.
Then take action to demonstrate to yourself and the Universe that you understand who you are and how important you are in the world.

Everything changes when that happens:

You’ll show up differently in your relationships. You’ll be willing to have hard conversations, transparent understanding, and let others truly see you.

You’ll show up differently for your health. You’ll appreciate the body that allows you to move through life in a deeper way, no longer taking it for granted or mistreating it.

You’ll show up differently in your work. You’ll know you offer unique skills and talents that no other can.

You’ll show up differently for yourself. You’ll feel confident in your innate value, love and accept yourself like never before, and trust in your abilities and the choices you make.

You’ll embody the light and the dark of what makes you who you are. You’ll remember it’s all part of the journey and that everything has been a lesson.

You’ll find yourself grounded in a peace and certainty that doesn’t depend upon outer circumstances. You’ll tune into the whispers of your heart and be led by your soul.

That’s when the magic enters.
That’s when you truly feel free.
That’s when you become who you are meant to be.

All it takes is for you to take that first step and decide that you’re worthy of more.
I’m here to help if you need me.

Lots of love,

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