How to See Your Blind Spots

When you’re on the cusp of achieving everything you want but you hit a plateau or suddenly it all falls apart, it’s either a subconscious belief that’s getting in the way or divine redirection at work.

This is how you can tell the difference:

There is an unexpectedness that often accompanies the presence of Source when It alters the path or the speed of the path you’re on.  It can take you by surprise and typically grounds your awareness into the present moment with the unforeseen change.  It imposes upon you a moment to reevaluate and reassess the variation that has shifted the course of your desired outcomes.  In many ways there’s also a certainty or finality that encompasses the block which causes you to begin to look for alternatives.

It feels like a full stop.

With a limiting unconscious pattern or belief there’s a familiarity you have with it.  The outer form changes from one experience to the next, but inside, you sense you’re butting up against the elusive unknown obstacle that has held you back countless times before.  You know the feeling when you reach it, even though you may not know exactly what it is.

It often manifests as frustration, overwhelm, self-doubt, and uncertainty along with an inner drive that urges you to push through to find a way to make it all come together.

The obstacle itself often remains just out of your reach of understanding.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t see your own blind spots.

So, , when you find yourself coming up against the same patterns but can’t seem to break through, shift your attention to what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

More than likely your confidence, self-image, and inner dialog don’t match the results you’re trying to achieve.  

When you’re not aligned with reaching your next level, you’ll subconsciously sabotage your success because you don’t believe you deserve it or that you’ll lose it once you get it.  It’s a direct result of being disconnected from your authentic Self.

It’s also possible, and very likely, that you’re misaligned with your worthiness, importance, and deeper spiritual purpose you want and feel called to create in life.  Your core beliefs don’t match the truth of who you really are.

But your body will tell you what your mind tries to hide.

Notice the energy and sensations present in your body.  You might feel heavy, exhausted, and burning out or you might feel wired, on edge, and unable to slow down.  You may feel constriction or tightness in your body or an underlying sense of unease.

When you look for your blind spots, the unconscious ways you’re holding yourself back, you tune into a deeper level of understanding of yourself.  It requires faith that you can interpret the messages you’re receiving from your higher Self, and feel safe enough with yourself to trust that you’re capable of handling that information.

If you’ve been stuck at a particular level of happiness, impact, time, energy, lifestyle freedom, or revenue & prosperity, but can’t seem to get past or break through no matter what you try, start looking at your patterns.  

Notice how you feel when you think about achieving your goals (is it expansive or constricting), become aware of the mental chatter that accompanies it (is it positive or negative), and the actions you find yourself choosing (are they supportive or opposing).

It could look like this:

  • Maybe you know you need to make a change but don’t feel ready or unequipped to do so, or that you don’t believe you’re worthy or capable of achieving that next great thing, and are plagued by cycles of self-doubt and an uncomfortable pit in your stomach.
  • Maybe you intuitively feel there’s something blocking you from taking action on your next steps and you’re not sure how to move forward; perhaps you don’t know what to change or do differently.
  • Maybe you feel called for more meaning and to make a bigger impact in the world but instead of leaning into it, you’re shrinking back and not taking action.

You’ll know you’ve tapped into a limiting pattern when your body doesn’t feel good, when your thoughts are negative, or your actions contradict your desires. 
That’s the first step toward better clarity and empowering yourself with the tools and insight to break through to your greater success.

The second step is getting support to help you overcome your self-sabotaging beliefs and eliminate those blind spots.  Click here to book a call that just might change everything.

Lots of love,

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