I Don’t Want To

I was having a conversation with a friend recently, talking about some things going on in my life.  Dark and uncomfortable things that I thought were put to rest.

“I don’t wanna” were the actual words I used, as I sighed with the realization that regardless of whether or not I wanted to, I needed to.  Because sometimes – most often, really – our places of resistance are where we need to spend the most time (and give the most love).

I felt strong and confident, powerful and in control, in so many aspects of my life.  Yet this one area was wobbly.  It required a deeper level of action, accountability, and commitment than I had been willing to give it. I didn’t know if I was ready to fully honor that part of myself.

Yet here it was again, being ever-persistent, asking for attention.

I’ve come to understand this persistent whisper as guidance from Spirit to help me grow into my full potential.

“I still don’t wanna” I repeated after we had continued our conversation.  But I knew I would do the thing I didn’t want to do.  Because I wanted more for myself and I knew I was getting in my own way.

Maybe you’ve felt like that, too?

It’s when you say yes but you really want to say no, but you want to avoid hurting someone’s feelings so you agree and then beat yourself up for doing it again.

It’s when your priorities get all mixed up and you put yourself last every single time, and wonder why you don’t feel happy and content.

It’s when you do all the things you think you’re supposed to, and still feel like you’ve somehow failed or don’t measure up to the expectations set by yourself or others.

It’s why that business you’ve been trying to get off the ground, or that project you’ve wanted to start, has just been petering on.

It’s why you feel less than what you are truly capable of.

The pressure, the resentment, the sadness, the restlessness, the feelings of overwhelm… they all tell you that there’s more for you to embrace in life.  More of yourself to explore and love.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have someone who will support you as you turn inward.  To guide you to the places within yourself that you know are there, hiding in plain sight, waiting for the moment when they will be acknowledged.

So when you don’t want to, my invitation is for you to find someone to help shine light on those places that need you to, so you can live your life fully and impact the world in the way that only you can.

Much love,

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P.S. You are not alone.  If there’s something on your mind and you need someone to listen, let’s hop on a call.  No pitch, just a friend.  Reply to this email if you need to talk.


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I see you.  You’re working long hours, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Between work and family, there’s never enough time in the day to do the things YOU actually want to do.

Instead, you’re left going through the motions.

Meetings, deadlines, making meals, decorating for the holidays, grocery shopping, shopping for the holidays, school activities, actually spending time with your children, date night with your significant other (remember those?), exercise, sleeping (remember that?)

You’re confident and skilled at work but at home it’s another story.  Things have gotten all mixed up and your priorities are out of sorts.

The stress is becoming unbearable and your body is starting to give you signs that it’s had enough.

You want to know that your life has meaning and value beyond the paycheck and what you’re doing for everyone else.

You want to stop struggling and feel confident in the direction your life is going.

You want to follow that calling in your heart that you’ve been trying to ignore.

You want to rediscover those things that make you feel alive and full of joy again.

I want that for you too.

Let’s talk and go over the choices you need to make, and find the best process for doing that, so you can stop feeling unfulfilled and we can get you the support you need.

There’s no need to wait until the new year – you can begin to reclaim your life now.

Book a call now: www.ConnectwithKrysti.com


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