Live in the sunshine

I have a cup that says “live in the sunshine” and every time I drink from it, it feel inspired.  It helps me stay focused and remember why I’m here in this world…

Because with the world the way it is, and all the demands that go along with it, it’s easy to get distracted and off-course.

Living in the sunshine requires you to overcome any obstacles that can keep you in the shadows settling for less than everything you want, so you can step into the light and become who you are meant to be.

The self-doubt, insecurity, overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-sacrifice won’t get you closer to living an inspired life, but rather closer to frustration and burnout.

Living in the sunshine asks you to trust that the sunshine is always there, just like your deepest self and your purpose are always there. You can feel it in the longings of your heart that always stay with you.

But if you keep focusing on the storms that appear in your life, you end up losing sight of the fact that time is ticking and you haven’t done everything you want to do yet because you’re simply reacting to what’s happening to you rather than expecting the sun to break through the clouds at any moment.

Living in the sunshine is a reminder that everything you want is already within you, because you yourself are the sunshine.  You are a bright light that will leave a legacy that lives on long after you. Your light will warm and nourish not only your loved ones, but those that may be hiding in shadows.

Yet there’s never enough time in the day to live your best life because you’re just going through the motions and feeling guilty for not living up to your own expectations while making everyone and everything else come before your true passions.

So, I’m here with a loving reminder to Live in the Sunshine ☀️

Embrace your full power and potential and step into your light.

You’ll get out of your own way, discover deeper clarity on your life’s purpose, and see the next steps to living with more meaning and passion.  More than anything, you’ll feel alive and inspired by life again.

Isn’t that what you really want, anyway?

There is a way to live in the sunshine and I’d love to show you how.

I’m looking for 3 people who are ready for a massive transformation and are ready to align with destiny so you can deepen your relationships and honor the life and legacy you are here to make.

Is that you?

Book a call with me so you can start to live in the sunshine.  Click here now (limited opportunity).

Lots of love and light,
Krysti xo

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