Soothing the guilt

Life can be beautiful and filled with moments that sparkle with joy. Yet, in the midst of this brilliance, there’s a subtle companion that sometimes sneaks in.


It can quietly creep into the spaces where success and happiness reside, weaving together both the light and the shadow.

Success and fulfillment are often eagerly anticipated destinations. But what is seldom acknowledged is that even amidst triumphs, there can be plateaus and even dips (and often are).

You may find yourself wondering, “What’s next?” or “Where do I go from here?”

Especially if you’ve shifted away from fully embodying the person you are meant to be and the life you feel inspired to live.

It’s during these plateaus and dips that the whispers of guilt may intensify, questioning if you’ve done enough, achieved enough, were enough, or if there’s more to be conquered. It can speak of the things you should or shouldn’t have said or done, and of things you wish would have been different.

But instead of resisting any guilt you may be experiencing, lean into it.

Discover more about what is causing a misalignment so you can empower yourself with truth. Then from a place of deep understanding, you can make a conscious choice on how you wish to move forward..

Being fully aware of the presence of guilt is an act of self-awareness and courage. It’s understanding that despite life’s beauty, complexities persist, and unhealed emotions will eventually surface.

It’s also a testament to your resilience and strength—the ability to confront these emotions without letting them overshadow the brilliance of your existence.

It’s believing that even amidst uncertainties and mistakes, all shall be well.

The path to greater peace and happiness is paved with self-acceptance. Use it to point towards deeper areas for self-discovery and growth. Recognize and acknowledge your feelings of guilt don’t define you, and you can use it as a catalyst for profound transformation that will steer you towards the places of your being that most need attention, love, and tenderness.

You don’t need more guilt or pressure in your life. What you do need is the profound insight that comes from within, the guidance that springs from the depths of your being.

Go deep and connect with the inner voice of your soul.  Tune into the whispers of your authentic self that transcend the guilt of your ego.

It’s not an act of surrender, but a great act of strength and understanding of how important you, and your life, truly are.

That’s how to soothe your heart and discover your next best steps.

So , it’s up to you to choose to release the burdens that no longer serve you, embrace your power, and overcome your subconscious obstacles so you can live the soul-led life that’s calling to you.

You got this.

Sending all my love,

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