Thank you for showing me

No matter what is showing up in your life, be thankful for it.

That’s easy to do when things are going your way and you don’t feel much friction between what you want and what you’re experiencing.

It’s much harder when your relationship is falling apart, when you’re overwhelmed and working endless hours with no solution in sight, or when you can’t seem to make progress on prioritizing your passions because everything else keeps getting in the way.

The good times and the difficult times are a reflection of your alignment with your higher self, with your connection to the flow of Source and everything you desire for yourself.  When experiences don’t feel good, it’s an opportunity and an indication to look closer at where you are misaligned so you can adjust your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations and attract into your life more of what you do want.

It might be relationships that don’t work out, belief patterns that hold you back, or ways of acting that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential, but sometimes it takes a whole lot of bad experiences and negative interactions to help you realize what you want, and especially the things you don’t want.

When you believe that the Universe is always giving you what you need and exactly what you are asking for, then it becomes easier to say thank you for everything that shows up… the good as well as everything you perceive as not so good.

Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter the way in which you arrive at the state of gratitude and appreciation for everything and anything that is presenting itself to you.  What is important is that you find your way to the feeling of it.

Perhaps you use the Ho’oponopono mantra – I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you – to keep your focus on clearing out the garbage that’s causing your current experiences to appear in your life because you know that everything that is showing up on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s taking place on the inside.

Maybe you say a prayer to God for bringing you everything that’s in your best interest even if you don’t understand how it fits into the bigger picture of your life and soul’s path.  Your faith in a power greater than you will see you through any challenging times because you understand there is a deeper meaning beneath it all.

You might journal your way to deeper insight and understanding as you allow the wisdom within your subconscious mind to surface and offer you a new perspective on what you are experiencing.

At some point you will move beyond your limited ego mind and connect with your inner spirit as you remember that everything is working out for you.  

You will be able to thank the person with whom you are having a difficult relationship because you recognize you need them to help you see yourself more completely.  Within them you can witness both the light and the darkness of your own self mirrored back to you in a thousand ways.  You become appreciative to them for showing you who they are and for helping you to see them clearly and more easily decide how you wish to move forward.

You will be able to thank the people and experiences in your life for showing you what you truly value and what is important to you. Without the contrast, you might remain confused or blinded by comfort and familiarity for longer than you would ultimately prefer.

You will be thankful for everything that shows you your boundaries, requirements, and expectations as well as how they might have changed over time.

You’ll be grateful for your personal growth and expansion into the person you are today and the journey that brought you to this place and moment in time.  You’ll feel the rightness of it all and be able to understand how everything was necessary for you to become the person you are right now, into a more authentic version of who you truly are.

With that acceptance comes a releasing of the old or stagnant which no longer harmonize together as you make room for everything that does.

At the heart of it all, you’ll be thankful for everything you experience so that you can become an energetic and vibrational match to the people and circumstances in your life that will help you to reach your fullest potential and who you are meant to be.

I can see who I am because of you – Thank you for showing me.  If you need someone to help you see yourself more clearly, then let’s talk.

There is so much goodness waiting for you to claim it.

Sending you so much love,

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