Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. The painful way. Most often it happens when we’ve been ignoring the whispers within that we’ve chosen to disregard.

You see we are always receiving guidance – thoughts, gut feelings, strange occurrences, you name it.  Remember, the universe is working with us and for us.

You can learn to recognize when it happens.  In the video below I share my story of a (newly) broken arm, the opportunities it provided, and how it reminded me of the power we truly have.

Our subconscious mind and the universe are always listening.  Without criticism or judgement, just listening and responding.  Regardless if those things are harmful or helpful, simply acknowledging and complying.

We all have moments when we forget to remain vigilant and stand guard, protecting ourselves against the unwanted and opening to our desires.  When you fall, look within, find the connection, and witness the miracles you can create.

Much love,


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