You have permission to rest

There is a profound connection between spirituality and physical health.

In order for your life to feel meaningful, there has to be purpose.

Yet we often rush through our days, chasing and doing things without being thoughtful, without being mindful of whether or not we want to, or if it’s even in our best interest, to be doing them.

As a result, we end up with chronic health issues, overwhelming amounts of stress, or teeter on the edge of burnout.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The simple truth is that you have permission to rest.

Being intentional about making time for opportunities that allow you to be in the moment, rather than in a constant state of pushing and striving, is vital to your well-being.

The subconscious desire to numb yourself or escape (if only for a moment) will disappear, and you’ll stop feeling so anxious and stuck all the time.

You’ll experience more relaxation and inner calm.

You’ll empower yourself with the confidence and self-image that demonstrates your worthiness of the downtime that will fuel your spirit and recharge your passions.

So let yourself idle away the hours watching the birds, taking in a sunset, and snuggling with your cat. There is magic in the whispers of the wind and the smell of rain. Put your feet up, commune with the world around you, and take it all in.

Not only will you begin to lose your worries, but you will soon find yourself again.

The part of you that really matters.
Your heart.
Your soul.
Your purpose.
Your passions.
Your priorities.

The physiology of your body will transform as you create a healthier environment for yourself. No more pain from the pressure you’ve been putting yourself under.

As you sink more deeply into your authenticity and reason for being, your relationships will also shift because you’ve given yourself a solid foundation of self-love, boundaries, and respect.

Most especially, the relationship with yourself.

It’s from this place within where deeper connections and emotional fulfillment are possible.

If you need guidance on how to step into relaxation without the guilt, I’m here to help.

Book a Soul Shift call or reply to this email and let’s identify a roadmap for you to make it happen.

Lots of love,

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