Are You Wounded Yet?

This time of year we hear so much about resolutions and the changes we want to make within ourselves.  Often we set high expectations on what we will achieve in the coming year, with dreams that we will be better once we _____________ (fill in the blank).  

We dream of the time when we will have more, do more, and be more.  Dreaming of that time when we’ll finally have it all together, with everything figured out.  It’s easy to forget that we’re on a journey to discovering what we deeply want for ourselves… the revealing of our true purpose… rather than the superficial desires of betterment.  So we typically set our thoughts upon achieving what the masses tell us we should strive for. 

Many times we start off strong toward achieving our goals, but soon falter.  Often much more quickly than we had anticipated (because do we really believe we will achieve them anyway?).  Yet our egos are deeply wounded by the lack of accomplishment in our quest to make the new year (and ourselves) something different.  It seems that somehow we view ourselves as being “less than” if we don’t succeed in accomplishing these resolutions through sheer determination.   

Change is hard.  It pushes you out of your comfort zone which can feel exhilarating at first but soon you become resistant to it.  Excuses that mask themselves as valid reasons on why you can’t continue present themselves in staggering numbers.  That is unless you understand why you are committed to changing.  Why you must at all costs push through the uncomfortable feelings that come up on your way to achieving our goals.  Will power alone will never sustain you in making permanent and lasting changes.  Never.  It goes much deeper than that.  You must tap into a deeper understanding of your motivations and discover the true purpose that it will serve for you. 

Only then will you succeed in shifting into that new version of yourself and your life.  It’s not always easy, but it is definitely worth it!

Wishing you all the best,


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