The Power of You

We have been given one of the most amazing gifts in the world.  The ability to choose what to think, what to feel, how to behave, and ultimately the freedom to become the people we wish to become.  The power of our mind makes this happen. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson once pondered, “What is the hardest task in the world?”  To which he replied, “To think.” 

You see, our mind is designed to think.  It is simply its nature to do so.  Scientific research is suggesting we think an astounding 70,000 thoughts each day.  Out of all those thoughts, however, only about ten percent are new thoughts and ideas.  The remainder consists of unchanged variations of what we have thought the hours, days, months, and even years before. 

Regardless of the multitude of possibilities available to us at any given moment, at any given time, our mind does not concern itself with whether or not our thoughts or ideas are something that will help us or harm us. It merely acts upon the messages that it is given.

Nor does our mind judge the appropriateness of content or value or intention.  It simply responds by matching our expectations.  It will find those things that most closely mirror or match our state of mind. Those things that do not match our desires are filtered out of the possibilities that are available to us, effectively eliminating them as viable options.

So our task, our challenge, is to make certain that the thoughts we choose to think are in our best interest.  We must confirm that they are in alignment with the goals we set for ourselves.  We must ensure they are for our greatest good.  Our thoughts must enable us to move in the direction we wish to proceed, rather than stifle our best “selves” that we can become. 

If we are to become all that we can possibly become, our attention must focus inward.  Perhaps one of our most important tasks then is to get clear intention within ourselves.  By doing so, we allow ourselves the opportunity to choose those things that are important to us and what we desire for ourselves.  We can gain clarity about what we really want for ourselves; what we want to have, what we want to be, and what we want to do and experience. 

Our clarity of thought will help to propel us forward.  Our mental murkiness or fogginess on the other hand, will slow or impede our progress, and we then become our own worst enemy.

So I invite you to begin to shift your attention inward and discover your thoughts. Look without criticism or judgment, just observation.  If you don’t like what you find, change it.  If you are happy with your discovery, continue to do more of the same.  Remember you are in control of your mind and you are the one with the key to unlock your potential and experience your possibilities.

Wishing you all the best,


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