Leaf Your Troubles Behind

As the definition of Autumn explains, it is a season characterized by change.  It is a time to allow ourselves to release those things that no longer serve our purpose so that we can move forward with the best of ourselves in life. 


October continues the path of wellness we’re paving at Powerful Mind Wellness to help you do just that.  To shed the unnecessary and experience yourself as you truly are at your core – strong and resilient with a deep understanding that you are perfect and whole no matter how you appear on the outside. 

If you watch the progression of a tree as it drops its leaves, you will notice that at first only one or two are set free.  Then a little bit more, and a little bit more.  Quite soon, that tree begins releasing them in beautiful waves of freedom as the winds of change blow through it.  At the end, the tree stands tall with a magnificent sacredness of the structure that sustains it throughout life. 

I invite you to be like that tree.  Take some time for yourself to release and let go.  You will discover something quite amazing within yourself as you do.


It’s a Kaleidoscope of Fantastic Events
HypnoBirthing(R) childbirth classes – starts 10/7
Understanding Your Emotional World – 10/5
Discovering Wellness Through Nutrition – 10/8
Integrative Cancer Care – 10/14
Lunch & Learn – Weight Loss Made Easy with Hypnosis – 10/14
Essential Oils – Back to School and Flu Safety – 10/16
AngelSpeak Message Circle – 10/17
Free lecture/demo on Cancer Care – 10/29
Past Life Regression – 10/31


Wishing you all the best on your wellness journey! 

Take care, you Powerful Mind,

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