Do you dive deep?

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. 

A key element in creating real transformation in your life is self-exploration.  When was the last time you gave yourself permission to take an unbiased look at your life.  I mean really look at it.  You can start by asking yourself questions like, Where are you now compared to where you want to be?  What are your feelings about yourself, your worthiness, your self-confidence, and your purpose in life?  Do you like yourself?  Are you the kind of person that you yourself would like? 

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It’s hard and scary to face the truth sometimes.  Especially about those things that you try to pretend you don’t feel or don’t know.  But there is nothing like allowing yourself to be completely transparent before your own eyes. 

Something magical can take place if you allow it… You can learn to love yourself more deeply and understand yourself in ways you never thought possible if you only stop the silly game you’ve been playing with yourself. 

Many times we discover that we have feelings of inadequacy and not being good enough.  We think, “Who am I?  What makes me so special to think I deserve (fill in the blank)?”  We cling to what we know, and to avoid discomfort we use excuses.  But our growth always shows up in the form of new opportunities, and new opportunities often push us out of our comfort zone.  We also can discover we hold feelings or a belief of not deserving (fill in the blank – success, happiness, abundance, etc.). 

A subset within our belief is worthiness.  Do you feel that you don’t deserve to be happy or successful?  Ask yourself, “How can you welcome into your life something that you feel unworthy of?”  How do you feel about others who have those things you want?  Are you envious of them?  Your opinions and judgments of others about how they use their life and success is a thought that will influence your ability to attract those things into your own experience.  You think that nobody will get hurt or that there are no negative consequences when you think these things… That is except for the damage it does to your idea of worthiness.  But for some reason, for many people, hurting ourselves doesn’t seem to matter.   Sometimes, too, we experience the fear that our success, happiness, abundance, etc.) would be taken away if we gave ourselves permission to actually pursue our dreams whole-heartedly so instead we settle for mediocrity. 

As you dive deep into your own psyche, you will certainly discover your own self-sabotaging behavior.  It’s always there trying to keep you safe and comfortable, but all the while it holds you back from experiencing your own potential and greatness.  In its subtle form, you may recognize yourself caught up in indecision, procrastination, excuses/reasons, fear of what people will think, not saying yes to opportunities, negative self-talk, etc.  Sabotage can also create feelings of overwhelm which cause you to feel a certain way, which in turn causes inaction.  But in its blatant form sabotage expresses itself outwardly when you know you should or shouldn’t do something but you do it (or don’t do it) anyway. 

But once you really understand what is keeping you stuck or motivating you to fail, even if you are embarrassed or frustrated by it, you will have an opportunity to change it.  

You say you want more for yourself, but what is it that you want more of?  Is it more pain, more sorrow, more misery?  Sometimes our answer is a surprising yes.  But if you want to experience more pleasurable things like more joy, more happiness, more love, more success, etc. then it’s time to get clear. 

Begin to craft the details and allow your mind to truly have the freedom to expand your possibilities into the magnificent future you deserve. 

Where do you want to be?  Why do you want to be there?  Create an awareness and understanding of your motivations to help propel you forward.  During the nitty-gritty inner work that you’ll be engaging in, you’ll need to remain focused on WHY it’s so important to do the work.  Understanding and remaining focused on all the benefits you’re receiving by making your transformation helps keep this a priority in your mind.

As always, unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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