It’s a matter of perspective…

Sometimes it can be the simplest things that can show us our frame of mind.  For example, we woke up this morning to our first dusting of snow.  My family had polar opposite responses to this discovery, and I’m grateful to them for highlighting the importance of mindset. 

Michael’s reaction to waking up finding snow, “Ugh, it snowed last night.”  To him, snow appears to be connected to many unpleasant things: the beginning of winter, being cold, limitations on activities that will not be performed until warmer weather, and tasks that have to be performed because it snows, among many other things I imagine. 

Arwen’s reaction, however, came from a different place and was completely different.  “Yeah! It snowed! I love winter!!”  This child looks forward to the cold weather during the height of summer.  She has connected many pleasant things to snow: the beginning of winter, being cold, activities that can only be performed because it snows, among many other things I imagine. 

Life is like that.  The same things are there, but it’s our focus that makes a difference.  There will always be things we like and don’t like about our situation or current environment.  It’s how we meet those things that will determine if we have a great day or less than amazing one. 

Your mind does not care what thoughts you think, but will simply use those thoughts to filter out anything that does not meet or match that thought expectation.  If you don’t like what you are experiencing, check in with your thoughts.  Are you focusing on what you do want or what you don’t want?  Are you focusing on the positive or the negative?  Change your perspective and you will discover your world will appear to change as well.  Simple shifts in your mindset during your daily life can cause a profound shift in your life experiences.  I invite you to experiment and discover what happens in your world.  I’d love to know.  Please leave your comments below this post.

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Yesterday I attended the Washington County Employee Wellness & Benefit Fair.  I met a lot of really wonderful people and had an opportunity to share my passion with them.  If you were one of those who attended and entered my “Screw Loose Challenge,” the correct number was 111 (the address of Powerful Mind Wellness in downtown West Bend).  Jenny Zuern had the closest guess of 100.  Please contact me, Jenny, to receive access to your free download of my ebook “Living a Purposeful Life with Courage & Confidence.”  Congratulations!

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P.S.  A great Big “Welcome!” to all the new readers!  You’re going to love the resources you’ll find here as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities… Enjoy!

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