Stop and take a moment for yourself

The invitation to stop and take a moment for yourself seems to be an insignificant request.  Actually taking the time though, to set aside everything else and focus on yourself – to give yourself what you need – can sometimes seem like an enormous proposition.

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For many of us, we decide that we’ll take time for ourselves in “awhile.”  After everyone and everything else has been taken care of.  Then we’ll really be able to calm our minds and devote that special time to ourselves.  The problem is that everyone and everything will never be taken care of.  Never.  There will always be something that can be done or needs to be done.  So our time never comes.  Or if we do allow ourselves to squeeze in a few moments of “me-time,” it is often disrupted with our mental list of things we need to accomplish on our To Do List. 

Sometimes, the idea of taking time for ourselves can bring up a lot of our issues.  “Who do I think I am to take time for myself when there is so much to do… when there are so many other priorities?  What makes me so special?”  We can struggle with our sense of worth and value, feeling that we are not deserving of such things.  That those things are only for other people.  Better people. 

So how do we actually begin to take time for ourselves?  To nourish and replenish our mind, body, and spirit?  The first step and truly the biggest and often most difficult step is simply to *decide*.  To decide that we deserve it just like everyone else.  That we are worthy of stepping back from life’s daily demands.  That we will be able to offer more to others, and more to ourselves, when we’ve taken what we need.  Those that are important to you deserve your best, just as you do. 

And remember if we don’t take the time that we need for ourselves, many times, our body will force us to take the time anyway.  Illness or injury are sure-fire ways to get us to slow down or even stop for awhile.  We can listen to the little whispers of our spirit that call us to have a few moments for ourselves, or we can wait until we get clobbered on the head.  Either way, the same purpose is served.  My preference is the gentler way.  What are you choosing?

Wishing you all the best,


P.S. Speaking of taking time for yourself, I’d love for you to join me and my friends.  A day and a half of reconnecting with the Joy that can be found in everyday life.  Lots of classes/workshops to choose from – yoga, coaching, pilates, essential oils, healthy eating, restorative exercise – as well as massage or acupuncture and music.  Are you going to act upon your whispers or wait until the clobber?  This one is an easy choice.

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