Change is coming…

Today is Cyber Monday, and I have a great deal for you.  Actually several of them to help you move through the remaining weeks of this year and into 2015 with ease, certainty, and success. 

But first I want to take a moment to talk about your intentions and goal setting.  We’ve just finished the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but others are right behind them along with the New Year.  I hope you take some time to read through and reflect upon what it is that you truly want for yourself.   Here is a worksheet I created for you to get started on creating goals that you actually achieve

As the current year speeds to an end, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to take a moment to look back upon all that we set out to accomplish during this past trip around the sun.  At the beginning of 2014, most of us had high expectations for what the year would bring to us, the discoveries we’d make, and the growth and changes we wanted to experience for ourselves.  Now that we have only one month remaining, take a hard look at where you are.  Without excuses.  Without criticism or judgment.  Honestly take a look at yourself and the situation around you.  Has it changed much since last year?  Have you achieved the goals you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year. 

I’ve noticed a restlessness building.  An energy that has been growing in strength inside many people that imparts the message that you’ve had enough of this nonsense.  That life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.  That it’s time you actually start putting yourself and your dreams on the priority list.  Toward the top of that list.  The message that tells you that you may not have all the answers of how you will achieve your goals, but by golly you will start moving toward them and the way will start to unfold.  Have you felt it coming your way?  But you have to TAKE ACTION upon that energy of growth. 

As you know this year I’ve had plenty of my own personal growth and training and learned a lot, so I feel confident urging you to do the same.  To finally get out of your own way and stop your inner struggle, feel confident in yourself and your choices, and live the life you were meant to live.  I want to encourage you to dream bigger and live more fully and embrace your purpose and passion. 

Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes will determine your success. Your mindset about yourself, your place in the world, and the opportunities that are available to you will drive your life toward success and happiness or pain and suffering.  Isn’t it time you up-level your ideas about what is possible for you?  The coming year will be limited only by the limitations you set for yourself.

This year I have been busy creating opportunities that will meet your needs, and I really want you to say, Yes!, and go for it. You deserve nothing less than the best the world has to offer.  There are three levels for my private clients to step into and I’ve made space for 16 new clients.  I hope you will be one of them!  I launched VIP Day: Creating Clarity from Chaos, and a 10 week group coaching program.  I’d love for you to join me. 

As you start looking ahead to the new year and what you want to be, do and have in 2015, I would love to be your Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Healer and Guide. 

Let me know how I can best serve you.

As always, unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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