Keep your ears open and you will see with fresh eyes

I’ve just recorded another awesome radio spot.  It’ll air beginning Thursday on WBWI 92.5 FM and WBKV 1470 AM this week.   My daughter was able to watch how the process works as well – she even got to make funny faces while I worked – so much fun!
I do hope you’ll get a chance to listen to it – I’d love your feedback! 

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Our weather in Wisconsin has been insanely cold.  -25 to -50°F cold.  With the cold, I’ve discovered comes an interestly intense quiet that permeates everything.  The world has stilled outside.  Gone is the hustle and bustle, the chatter, the frivolous nonsense that normally occupies one’s day. 

But if you keep your ears open, you can see with fresh eyes.  You can see those things that truly matter.  Those things that are important like none other.  In the silence of the cold, regardless if you are in it or merely observing it, you can discover the deepest sense of yourself that will guide you to whatever you need.  Those things that you need, those things that come from that deepest place within yourself where there silence lies, are the things to focus on. 

When you tune into those things you will not be lead astray and you can see your path clearly.  Too soon, the world will become loud once more and attempt to distract you from your truth.  Hold tight to your silent discoveries and begin to see with your bright and fresh eyes.

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