When is it time to Surrender?

Some of my biggest teachers have been in the form of animals. 

Back in November, we lost a dear member of our family.  Our 12 year old cat Bucky fought a long battle with intestinal cancer.  He taught me a lot during his battle about acceptance, compassion, perseverance, and gratitude. 

When we adopted him over 12 years ago from the humane society, we also adopted a second cat, Romeo, so they would always have a companion in each other.  We hoped they would be the best of friends and they were until then end. 

Snuggly love: Bucky (white), Romeo (grey), Jinx (white/grey)
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Snuggly love: Bucky (white), Romeo (grey), Jinx (white/grey)

But what happens when the life we have known changes?  Especially when it changes in a way we did not want.  Of course when we are the one making the life change, the transition into our new life is easier.  But what about when we have no control over the situation? 

Truly, the only thing we can control is the way we perceive it and create a healthy “story” about what we experienced and what it all means for us.  We can adapt as best as we can or choose something different. 

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My sweet Romeo, who really does live up to his name, has apparently chosen the latter.  Within two weeks of Bucky leaving us, Romeo’s behavior became drastically different.  He became more vocal calling out frequently and constantly pacing.  Then he started walking right into things.  I mean head-on smacking into them, almost like he couldn’t see them. 

At first we thought it was an extreme case of depression.  As it turns out, it is a brain tumor.  So it seems that the story he has chosen to tell himself is that he cannot see a life without his best friend.  His body being the servant it is, has chosen to believe him.  At least this is what I believe has happened. 

So now, Romeo has become another powerful teacher with a powerful lesson.  His is one of deep inner strength.  Over the last three months his health has severely declined.  There have been many moment in the last few weeks when we prepared ourselves for our life without him.  We said our goodbyes and weren’t hopeful he’d make it through the night.  But he did.  Many times he’d rebound and experience life like he did when this all began. 

He has taught me that we all have the ability to dig deep and find strength we didn’t know we had.  He is teaching me that no matter what others think, we must do what is right for ourselves regardless of what or when others say we should do something.  We control much of our lives, but we are also dancing with the Divine.  We cannot always know what is in store for us, or what we should do, or what will make us the happiest.  Sometimes we have to do the hard things and trust in the process that each experience will lead to something more magical and wonderful than the moment we are in. 

So, when is it time to surrender?  That is a decision we must make only for ourselves and we will know when the time is right – if indeed it is the right thing to do.  Sometimes things are worth fighting for.  Sometimes we need to let go of things and know that no matter what happens we will be ok.  Sometimes it won’t make sense, even to us, but if we feel it deep within ourselves as the right thing to do then all shall be well. 

Always trust your inner wisdom.  It knows more than you do.

So I wish you the ability to know when to surrender those things that no longer serve a purpose, and to hold tight to those things that offer you love, light, lessons, and learning as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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