Time for some Spring Cleaning

The winter this year has been long and cold.  It held us captive in its grasp for much longer than most of us would like.  But a shift is in the air.  Perhaps you have felt it.  It always happens around this time of the year in the North.

It’s an awakening. 

The energy within you is becoming more expansive and wants full expression.  It wants that expression NOW! 

But the weather appears to have other ideas and only offers us tastes of what is to come.  It offers us a day or two of what the future will offer, then brings us right back to where we were. 

It’s a pattern that mimics our own personal growth.  Throughout the dark days, we long for the times when things will turn brighter.  Then gradually it does.  It becomes easier with each passing day.  Soon, we get glimpses of what is to come but everything unfolds in its own due time.  We begin to have a deep yearning for the newness to come.  We want it so badly, but there is no rushing it, no matter how hard we try. 

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If we were somehow magically able to jump ahead, however, we would not flourish as we certainly will when we allow the process to happen in its own due time.  We’d miss the process of turning over and excavating our inner self in preparation for the new.  We’d miss the time for planting those things we wish to bloom and grow. 

So we must first do the work before we can reap the benefits. 

So as you feel that jolt of energy to move and expand and grow, allow yourself time to do the work.  Here are some tips to get you started:

Decide what you want for your future.  Pull out the weeds of limitation and doubt.  Organize your mental garden.  Water and feed your seeds of the future daily.  Continue to be vigilant for those things that could harm or halt the growth of what you want.  Persistence and action will produce a beautiful outcome for you.

Download this easy Spring Cleaning worksheet to help you get on track.  If you need personal help, click here.

As always, unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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