Are you receiving your symbols?

Have you ever noticed that when some people find a penny on the ground they evaluate it to see if it came in the “appropriate” form for which they will allow themselves to receive the gift of abundance.  Was it facing heads up or heads down?  Because one must certainly be bad luck, right? 

Well, what if your response to discovering that simple symbolic offering of abundance was actually a way for your subconscious to gauge whether or not you wanted more abundance in your life?  What happens when you tell yourself that you want to make more money or have more things or be more successful, but then you filter out those things that don’t arrive in the manner or shape you wanted or perhaps they are not of an “acceptable” value to you? 

I’ve been a long time fan of Wayne Dyer.  In one of his PBS specials he described how whenever he finds a penny on the ground, he thanks the universe for the symbol of abundance and the abundance that is also on its way.  I like that and have incorporated that into my thoughts whenever I come across such a symbol.  Because aren’t we really telling ourselves that we don’t want more of something unless it arrives perfectly packaged with a beautiful bow on it?  Our thoughts and our choices help our mind to filter the millions of things in our environment so that we become aware of only those things we want for ourselves.  

The way we choose to look at things determines how we experience our lives as well as what we experience in our lives.  I choose to experience the world around me as a friendly universe that continues to support and uplift me.

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I invite you to reflect upon how you truly respond when you are offered a symbol of something in your life.  They come in many shapes and sizes and are always perfect in their expression.

A beautiful white orchid was waiting for me at my office one day this week… gifted to me by an unknown person.  Even the meaning of the white orchid flower has particular significance in my life right now.  So my days have been filled with even more gratitude since then.  Every time I look at it my heart reaffirms that I am indeed on my life’s purposeful path.

Thank you to whomever was so thoughtful and kind.  You have touched my heart and my soul.

Wishing you all the best,


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