The Wisdom of Maya

As you may have heard, last week Wednesday Maya Angelou (poet, author, civil rights activist) passed away peacefully at her home.  She was, for many, a source of inspiration and wisdom.  She was also a woman who rose up from great sadness and adversity to live a magnificent life.  She believed that everyone has greatness in them, and that no matter what they are facing in life, that they can overcome if they choose.  She also believed that everyone has something remarkable to offer the world. 

It makes me think of a question I heard not too long ago.  “If you allowed yourself to know what you are pretending you don’t know, how would you and the world be different?”  Such a powerful question, yet so insightful.  Because on some level, we are all pretending something.  We’re playing out a story that will either bring us down or lift us up.  I invite you to be bodacious enough to invent a magnificent version of yourself where you can create anything and accomplish anything.  I’ll be in your corner, rooting for you to shine.

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This past week has also been, for me, one of deep gratitude and appreciation for what I do.  I was blessed when four private clients spontaneously and separately expressed their own appreciation for the impact my presence in their lives has made.  It truly humbles me to witness the transformations clients experience from our work together.  Please know that when you allow yourself to grow and expand into something greater, you allow the same for me as we journey together.  So simply, Thank You for allowing me to be in your life.  I am a better person because of you.


Thur, June 5 @ 6:30 pm – Essential Oils 101.   FREE informational class.  Have you heard about essential oils?  Essential oils are more than just nice scents; they can be part of your path to lifelong wellness and have been used for thousands of years for their physical/mental/emotional uplifting properties.  Essential oils can be a great alternative to medicine, from diseases and disorders to everyday problems like allergies, asthma, pain, blemishes, stress, sleep, headaches and much more.  Wondering where to start?  Come and learn along with me and ask questions on how they can help you.  Guaranteed to be a learning experience and you will even be able to sample products.

Sat, June 7 @ 9:00 am – Stress Buster & Relaxation Training Stress not only hurts you mentally, but over time it also damages you physically.  Learn to activate your body’s natural relaxation response so that you can take an active role in shaping the outcomes of your life.  Workshop principles based on Dr. Herbert Benson and Dr. Lissa Rankin’s research.  Registration is required.

Sat, June 7 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Relax! Don’t Do It!  Join Stacy Scherzer, PT and Restorative Exercise Specialist™ for a gentle 2 hour movement session focused on Restorative Exercise™, whole body alignment and learning about the role stress plays in tension patterns in our bodies. Gain a greater awareness of your physical body, while learning to release tension.  Registration is required.

Sat, June 14 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  Deep Clean Your Consciousness Day Retreat with Deborah Lighthart This retreat will help you to face your inner barriers, make peace with all aspects of yourself and reveal the true gifts within you. We will utilize a variety of physical, emotional, mental + spiritual exercises, as well as engage in at least 2 Energy Baths. You will discover the energies that are blocking you from living your life the way you’d like to, and transform them into useful building blocks for your future.  Registration is required.

As always, unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


P.S.   Call me to share your own struggles, ask key questions, and talk about solutions, free of charge.  Or click here to schedule your 30 minute “Rapid Results” Discovery Session.  

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